A Unique Wedding Proposal - 365 days in the making

pretend-seeds-sShawn, a groom-to-be, came in to MALKA Diamonds & Jewelry the other day looking for a wedding ring.  He fell in love a year ago with his soon-to-be fiance and each day drew small "pretend flowers" for her on white cards.  He posted these flowers on his blog page pretendflowers.com which he dedicates "for the girl I love".  He found the ring at our store and proposed on the 365th day.  His last blog for her was an image of all 365 sketched flowers in a heart.  On the anniversary of their first date, they returned to the place they first met, Thirsty Wine Bar on the waterfront.  They had dinner and later walked outside.  They walked for a little while and then Shawn handed over an envelope with the words "pretend seeds".  Inside was the ring and a ribbon that said, "Will You Marry Me?"  She said, Yes and the waiter from the bar saw them embrace and brought out champagne.  Shawn you wowed us!  Thanks for sharing your creative proposal.  Can't wait to see wedding pictures.