An Heirloom Diamond Pendant Transforms Into A Custom-Made Ring

One of our customers came to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry with a pendant that was handed down to her by her great-aunt.  She liked the pendant but was not wearing it very often.  She wondered what could be done to make it a piece that she would enjoy on a daily basis.  We all brainstorned together and decided to transform the yellow diamond halo pendant into a ring.  We chose to remove the pendant and custom create a shank (band) to complement it.  Our customer loved that idea.  So we started the custom designing process.  We crafted the wax and casted the shank in 14 karat white gold.  Then we used our laser to solder the pendant on to the ring.  Take a look at the pictures to see the change that was simple and seemless.  Which do you prefer? Pendant or Ring?

Yellow Diamond Halo Custom-Made Ring

yellow diamond halo ring