Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

David & I wedded on the 7th of July 2002 and if you do the math you would come up with the same calculations that I have.  Our 10 year anniversary is coming up!  Today and for many generations before us people have followed the "List For Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year".  The cheat sheet for the list can be found below. In the list you will find that a diamond anniversary gift only appears twice.  The 10 year and 60 year are the diamond years.  Many of our customers are choosing to do something with diamonds for their ten-year.  One customer is designing her engagement ring using some elements that her mom left her.  Another customer purchased diamond stud earrings and another decided to remount their engagement stone and add some side stones to the piece.  David just told me to start thinking about a new setting for my engagement ring.  Send me some thoughts on what your ideal 10 or 60 year diamond gift would be.  I'm looking forward to this 10 year anniversary and the 60 more years to come.

Malka_Custom_0025_Yellow-5ct-Diamond-ring-s1st year - Pearl/Gold, 2nd year - Garnet/Rose Quartz, 3rd year - Jade/Pearls, 4th year - Blue Topaz/Amethyst, 5th year - Turquoise/Sapphire, 6th year - Amethyst/Garnet, 7th year - Onyx/:apis Lazuli, 8th year - Tourmaline, 9th year - Green Spinal/Jasper, and for the 10th year - Diamond/Sapphire/BLack Onyx, 11th year - Turqoise, 12th year - Jade, 13th year - Citrine, 14th-Malachite/Moonstone,  15th year-Ruby/Alexandrite, 16th year - Peridot, 17th year - Watch, 18th year - Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, 19th year - Aquamarine, 20th year - Emerald, 21st year - Iolite, 22nd year - Spinel, 23rd year - Imperial Topaz, 24th year - Tanzanite, 25th year - Sterling Silver, 30th year - Pearl, 35th year - Emerald, 40th year - Ruby, 45th year - Sapphire, 50th year - Golden Topaz, 55th year -Alexandrite, 60th year -Diamond/Star Ruby, 65th year Star Sappire, 70th year - Platinum.