Big, Yellow And Fabulous! 5.02 Carat Yellow Diamond Finds A Home!

5.02-Carat-Yellow-DiamondA few weeks ago, Malka Diamonds posted this image of a green wax ring with a 5.02 carat yellow fancy-intense emerald-cut diamond.  The side stones are 2.31 carat total weight custom-cut trapezoid diamonds.  We promised to take a picture of this beauty once it was complete.  This ring is over the top in so many ways.  The first is its size.  Most diamonds sold here in Portland do not exceed the two carat mark.  This one is big, weighing 5.02 carats.  The second is the color.  This stone is the second highest grade of yellow which is fancy intense.  The only grade above it is so rare it is hard to come in contact with.  The last, is its unique shape.  The emerald cut is a classic shape that shows off all its beauty.  The photo-2stone has to be absolutely perfect to show like this one because emerald-cut diamonds don't hide anything.  This spectacular piece is being delivered this afternoon and is going to a special gal for her upcoming 65th birthday!