David & Joann, The Airforce And Now An Engagement!

Joann & David Just a few weeks ago, these two got engaged!   They both presently serve in the US Air Force and are clearly head over heels in love!  Joann sent us am email thanking us and giving us a little more information about the proposal.  Here is their story and we so thrilled we could be part of it.  ..."While David was deployed, he researched some jewelers and found Malka Diamonds. David had been in constant contact with Ronnie about different diamonds and settings he thought I would be interested in, so when we finally got the chance to drive through Oregon from California, we fell in love with a particular engagement ring and wedding band. David wanted me to be a part of the ring buying process, but he still wanted the proposal to be a surprise (which is impossible, because I'm Curious George), so the Malka’s helped David with ensuring the ring sizing and setting would be done before we left Portland for Seattle that day. While we were shopping, David slipped away to go "pay for parking" but really to purchase and pick up the ring. A couple of days later, David proposed on a dock at Greenlake, Seattle. He had roses and pictures hanging all along the sides of the dock. At the end of the dock, he had a picture of the engagement ring, and to my surprise, he pulled out the actual ring from his pocket. I was completely shocked because I had no idea he had even purchased the ring, let alone have the ring in his possession. It's impossible to surprise me, but David definitely pulled it off!"  Thank you Joann for sharing your story with us!  We are so happy for you both.