Malka Diamonds Latest Addition, One of Only A Few In Oregon, The EVO Laser Welder

Malka Diamonds, one of only a few jewelers with a laser welding maching Every guy loves new gadgets and David Malka and David Stanwood, our amazing jeweler, are no different.  These guys are giddy about our latest purchase.  Malka Diamonds is setting the bar in downtown Portland with this state-of-the-art jewelry laser welding machine.  We are one of only a few in Oregon that have invested in this amazing piece.  Take a look at this link for a video of the machine in action: Laser Welding Machine .  In its short time at Malka, the laser has taken our repair ability to another level.  In addition to seemless ring sizing and immaculate re-tipping prongs, the laser is a beast of its own.  Our vintage jewelry restoration has always been strong and now its simple exceptional.  Almost every repair that comes into our Portland downtown jewelry shop can be done more efficiently with this amazing machine.  In addition, jewelry assembly and fabrication is now easier and the possibilities of jewelry creation are endless with many designs becoming easy to create that were impossible to make using a traditional jeweler’s torch.