MALKA Diamonds & The #KobeSystem

Kobe_System_group_shot_01_65371What does Kobe Bryant ( five-time World Champion, thirteen-time All-Star and gold medalist), Aziz Ansari (acclaimed comedian and actor), Richard Branson (entrepreneur and philanthropist), Landon Donovan (international soccer star), Larry Fitzgerald (all-pro football player), Jerry Rice (hall-of-fame football player) Tony Robbins (motivational speaker and best-selling author, Paul Rodriguez (skateboard extraordinaire) Hope Solo (gold-medal winning soccer player) LeeHom Wang (award-winning Chinese entertainer), Kanye West (multi-platinum recording artist), Serena Williams (grand slam tennis champion) have in common with MALKA Diamonds? ...They all have the Kobe Lapel Pin which was made at MALKA Diamonds & Jewelry, Downtown Portland, OR.  Take a look at the Kobe system commercial that aired last night. It showcases the Kobe lapel pin which we were honored to create. Each of the cast members wears the pin proudly in this exceptional commercial. Thank you Widen+Kennedy for the opportunity to showcase our custom design work. We can't wait for the next project.