Rachel & Michael Create Unique Rings For Each Other

photo-copy-17-sIt is a pleasure to work with Portland couples.  So many of them want to create something that is special and unique.  Rachel and Michael are exactly that.  They came to us to create her platinum low-set bezeled diamond engagement ring.  The piece has diamonds embedded in the band which gives it a modern look.  Rachel wanted to do something as special for her fiance.  She came to us with a fingerprint idea.  She asked if we can imprint her fingerprint into the inside of Michael's band.  This would be a first at MALKA Diamonds & Jewelry.  We love firsts!  We went for it.  First we inked up her finger and pressed it into the desired spot.  Then we had our jeweler hand engrave each line.  Take a look at this one-of-a-kind band.  From the outside it's a men's platinum band but in the inside it's Rachel unique mark. photo-copy-20-e1354645116370-s