Best Rings of 2012

Seattle's Linda & Denny, Celebrate 30 Years @ Malka Diamonds

Ringshopping in portland This fantastic couple celebrated 30 years of marriage in Portland last weekend.  We worked with Linda and Denny over the phone, email and facetime to find them the perfect ring.  Linda wanted a radiant-cut diamond which is rectangular with soft corners.  She wanted it set horizontally, a unique choice for a stone that is usually seen set in the vertical manner.  We found her a Radiant-cut split shank ringstunning stone and a perfect ring to set it in.  The two drove down Friday morning from Vancouver B.C. Canada and were in our shop in downtown Portland by the afternoon.  Since we had cooresponded so much we felt as if we were old friends by the time they came in.  The two made a weekend of it and enjoyed our city while David Stanwood, our jeweler, sized and set the stone.  Linda & Denny came in Saturday afternoon and loved the ring.  Thanks for making the trip down to Portland.  We hope to see you again soon.

Vancouver B.C. Couple Make It Official @ Malka Diamonds

Vancouver BC Couple This adorable couple came down to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in Portland, Oregon last April to meet with David and I. They received a crash course on diamonds from David Malka owner of Malka Diamonds and a resident graduate gemologists from GIA.  They returned this past Saturday and choose an amazing and incredible rare diamond.  Majority of diamonds have what you might call "birthmarks".  The marks are natural inclusions found in the stones.  The clarity of the diamond is determined on how difficult it is to see the stone's flaws.  However, in nature there are only .0009 percent of diamonds that are internally flawless.  We have a couple of these in our downtown Portland diamond district shop.   This adorable couple looked through some amazing stones and found a 1.33 carat G color Internally Flawless diamond that they fell in love with.  They were both gitty when we were able to set and size the gorgeous ring on Internally Flawless Diamond Engagement Ringthe spot.  Thank you for making the trip from Vancouver B.C. and Congratulations you two!

This Platinum Engagement Ring Is On Its Way...

Platinum Engagement Ring @ Malka DiamondsThis gorgeous and classic diamond engagement ring is on its way to a lucky man who is about to ask the love of his life to marry him.  The 1.67ct round brilliant diamond is set in a custom created platinum ring by Vatche.  David and I met Vatche this summer at the JCK jewelry show.  We were immediately impressed with the quality of the pieces in the collection as well as the price point of these stunning platinum engagement rings.  Vatche has not only succeeded in creating a collection that is spectacular he also has designed several of Tiffany's classic and timeless rings.  The entire collection is due in our store, Malka Diamonds of Portland, Oregon this week.  While we eagerly await its arrival we had our customer take a look online and he found the perfect ring for his love.

David & Joann, The Airforce And Now An Engagement!

Joann & David Just a few weeks ago, these two got engaged!   They both presently serve in the US Air Force and are clearly head over heels in love!  Joann sent us am email thanking us and giving us a little more information about the proposal.  Here is their story and we so thrilled we could be part of it.  ..."While David was deployed, he researched some jewelers and found Malka Diamonds. David had been in constant contact with Ronnie about different diamonds and settings he thought I would be interested in, so when we finally got the chance to drive through Oregon from California, we fell in love with a particular engagement ring and wedding band. David wanted me to be a part of the ring buying process, but he still wanted the proposal to be a surprise (which is impossible, because I'm Curious George), so the Malka’s helped David with ensuring the ring sizing and setting would be done before we left Portland for Seattle that day. While we were shopping, David slipped away to go "pay for parking" but really to purchase and pick up the ring. A couple of days later, David proposed on a dock at Greenlake, Seattle. He had roses and pictures hanging all along the sides of the dock. At the end of the dock, he had a picture of the engagement ring, and to my surprise, he pulled out the actual ring from his pocket. I was completely shocked because I had no idea he had even purchased the ring, let alone have the ring in his possession. It's impossible to surprise me, but David definitely pulled it off!"  Thank you Joann for sharing your story with us!  We are so happy for you both.


Malka Diamonds Latest Addition, One of Only A Few In Oregon, The EVO Laser Welder

Malka Diamonds, one of only a few jewelers with a laser welding maching Every guy loves new gadgets and David Malka and David Stanwood, our amazing jeweler, are no different.  These guys are giddy about our latest purchase.  Malka Diamonds is setting the bar in downtown Portland with this state-of-the-art jewelry laser welding machine.  We are one of only a few in Oregon that have invested in this amazing piece.  Take a look at this link for a video of the machine in action: Laser Welding Machine .  In its short time at Malka, the laser has taken our repair ability to another level.  In addition to seemless ring sizing and immaculate re-tipping prongs, the laser is a beast of its own.  Our vintage jewelry restoration has always been strong and now its simple exceptional.  Almost every repair that comes into our Portland downtown jewelry shop can be done more efficiently with this amazing machine.  In addition, jewelry assembly and fabrication is now easier and the possibilities of jewelry creation are endless with many designs becoming easy to create that were impossible to make using a traditional jeweler’s torch.




NY Couple Recreates Their Original Ring To Last Forever

photo copy 14

Blakely and Viviana were young and in love in New York many years ago.  While in NY, they realized they were meant to be together and decided to make it official.   "Viviana and I were married on the 8th of May 2004 in central park (Cherry Hill to be exact). I had the original ring made at a place on Fulton street in downtown Brooklyn.  Since we had been married in Brooklyn, and Portland has been the longest places we've lived.  It is so special to have both of those places in one ring" explained Blakely, when he came into to take a look at his custom ring.    Blakely first came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry with his original ring that had thinned out and was worn.  He wanted us to use the original gold as well as gold from other sentimental pieces to recreate the ring.  The goal was to mimic the ring but make it thicker and more durable.  We first carved a wax (shown in blue).

custom ring createdThe wax was made by hand and looked identical to the original ring.  Blakely came in and tried on the wax.  He gave us the go ahead and we immediately casted it in his personal 14 karat yellow gold.  The ring came out better than expected.  Blakely is not only a happy customer but a local artist as well.  His work is on exhibit at Chambers Gallery.

14kt yellow name ring

A Custom-Made Opal Pendant For A Fabulous Lady!

IMG_0351-e1361471750995-sphoto-copy-72-sA few years ago, our good friend was given her mother's stunning opal.  It stayed secure in a jewelry box with a hint of a custom project in its future.  A few months ago, we sat down with our friend and jeweler and created some sketches as well as a wax for this unique stone.  The stone weight is 6.34 carats and has a strong play of color which is very desirable when looking for this type of stone.  Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, which produces 97% of the world's supply.  The concept was to create a pendant that would showcase the fiery color and size of the stone which is incredible exquisite but be casual enough to be worn on a day-to-day basis.  Our jeweler decided to create a bezel in white gold with a pave set of small diamonds on its sides.  We also went with a horizontal setting as oppose to the traditional vertical pendant that has been the traditional way for decades.  The opal's size made the pendant substantial and to give it the right bezel around it required 79 small diamonds equaling 1.07 carat to be set on its sides.  The pendant took over 4 weeks to complete and is a masterpiece.  We know she will wear it in good health.

Stunning Vintage Ring & A Love Lock Honeymoon To Paris!

Michelle & Geoff came to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in downtown Portland looking for a vintage ring to house their beautiful loose diamond.  They had been to several local shops before Malka Diamonds and all had offered to custom create a replica vintage ring for them but no one had a true 1920s Art Deco ring that was similar to the one she fell in love with.  At Malka we do plenty of custom pieces but that is not what these two were looking for.  After several trips to vintage and antique shows as well as visits with vendors in our shop, we found the perfect ring.  Michelle had shown us a picture of her dream ring.  It was an Art Deco diamond ring with unique cut sapphires accompanying it.  It was stunning and she was willing to wait to find a similar one that she could call her own.  We called the two love birds in to our 3rd Ave shop to see a ring that we had just found which seemed perfect for them.  As Michelle said, "You found my glass slipper!"  The two were married in Oregon and honeymoon in Paris, France.  They joined the many newlyweds in the heartwarming custom of locking a love padlock on the Pont des Arts bridge and throwing the key into the Seine River.  Congratulations Michelle & Geoff!  Thanks for sharing your special moments with us! Michelle-GeoffMichelle-Geoff-rings





Thomas & Chelsea, Adorable Couple Picks Engagement Ring Together!

Thomas-&-ChelseaWe met Thomas a few weeks back on a Saturday. David gave him the usual run down on diamonds and what to look for. We always like for our customers to know what they are buying before they make any decisions. David explained the 4Cs. The information he covered can be found on our website on the basic diamond page.Thomas looked at many diamonds and found a stunning stone in our downtown Portland jewelry store. He came back a couple of times over the week following and one diamond stuck out more than the rest. He picked it out and then went with what half of our grooms-to-be do. He chose to set the diamond temporarily in a 4-prong white gold solitaire ring. With the stone securely set and in a Malka Diamonds black box, Thomas asked Chelsea to marry him. The two came in together and picked out a stunning 18 karat white gold channel set diamond ring. It will be ready for them to pick up together in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we sized the temporary ring and are looking forward to seeing this adorable couple again soon. Congratulations Thomas & Chelsea!