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Your Ring As An Artistic Masterpiece - Brilliant!

photo-copy-91-e1353353848991-sSo many of you love your ring.  You have told me time and time again how special it is and how it reminds you of a special moment.  What if your ring was in a drawing that hung in your bedroom or in your powder room.  Ahuva Zaslavsky, an Israeli artist which has made Portland Oregon her home, is creating these masterpieces for Malka Diamonds.  Ahuva uses many forms of media to showcase her talents.  These two images seen below are in pen and are amazing representations of the rings.  The rings are both part of our vintage collection and are stunning art deco pieces.  The drawings are as accurate as a photograph but have a brilliant artistic flair.  It really is a must see and can be done for a special anniversary, birthday or any special moment.  These drawings will be on display at our Emily-Jane Trunk show on December 6th.  Ahuva will be here as well and would be happy to answer any questions about her technique.

Fancy Shaped Sides Make This Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring Unique & Bold!

photo-18-sPete & Nikki came into to our shop looking for the perfect ring.  When they saw this shield-shaped side ring they knew it was the one.  They picked out an exceptional 1.50 Emerald-cut diamond to complete the piece.  Pete came in to pick up the ring as soon as the stones were set and the ring was sized.  Once the ring was in his possession it didn't take long for him to propose.  As so many have said, that black box seems to start burning a hole in their pocket and they can't seem to keep it from their loved one for too long.  Pete proposed that night on a nostalgic walk on the waterfront.  Nikki was thrilled! There are many diamond cuts.  Round, Princess (square), Oval, Emerald, and Cushion (rounded-corner square) are the most commonly sold at MALKA Diamonds & Jewelry in Downtown Portland Oregon.  However, there are many other cuts that deserve recognition.  These fancy cuts are exquisite and in some cases give a center stone a unique and bold look that sets it apart from the rest.  The shield-shaped cut is one of the older yet more unusual of the diamond shapes.  With the intricate angles and bold points this shape is a real stunner when incorporated into dazzling pieces.  These shapes are most commonly used in matching pairs as side stones to bigger solitaire stones, adding a distinctive and eye-catching element to the design.  Because of their lengthy and pointy shapes,  they are probably best when appearing on an engagement ring since their long ends run down the shank of the ring.  As with other side stone shapes which most often appear as pairs, such as the trilliant, baguette, half-moon and crescents – it is important that these stones are found in matching pairs – similar in size, color and clarity.  This may be a challenge.  Usually one will buy them in already matched pairs.

shield1This shield shape is somewhat triangular on the bottom with an added “level” added at the top with angled edges tapering upwards. The sides of the stone may be straight or rounded.  This shape is reminiscent, as the name suggests, of the shields used by warriors in battle.  Predominantly used as side stones they are also used in some cases for hanging earrings and in pendants.

However the shields are used they add so much to any piece of jewelry.  Congratulations Pete & Nikki!  We can't wait to see pictures from the wedding.


Inside Malka Diamonds, Located in the Heart of Portland's Downtown Diamond District

We recently had Yelp come down to create a video for Malka Diamonds.  They did a great job giving an overview of our store.  Located in the heart of Portland's downtown diamond district, Malka is becoming a well-known name.  We recently were awarded Oregon Bride Magazine's Best Rings of 2012!  Feel free to come down anytime to take a look at our vintage and antique case or sit down with us to talk about custom options.