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Seattle Couple Picks Up Their Vintage Inspired Custom Ring

seattle-coupleEmily and Keian came down a few weeks ago from Seattle.  They worked with both David and Ronnie Malka, owners of Malka Diamonds of Portland Oregon.  We looked through our vintage and antique enggement rings.  We also spent some time looking at our large european-cut diamond inventory.  Once the 1.60 carat european-cut diamond stone was chosen we came up with some options for Emily's ring.  She really wanted to capture the look of one of our 1920s Art Deco wedding rings but also wanted to add her own pattern to the band.  We decided to go the custom route with this one.  We first carved a wax to mimic a vintage ring she adored in our case.  We then had our jeweler engrave the pattern she sent us.  Last we casted the piece in 14 karat white gold. vintage-inspired custom engagement ring

This adorable couple came in last Saturday to pick up their one-of-a-kind vintage inspired engagement ring.  It was such a pleasure to see their smiles once they saw the piece in a Malka Jewelry box.  Congratulations Emily & Keian, from your favorite Portland jewelers!

A Family Heirloom Is Restored @ Malka Diamonds

Emily & CalebCaleb & Emily, Portland Engaged Couple found us on yelp when they were looking for an independent jewelry store in Portland Oregon.  The two were in search for a shop that could restore a family heirloom.  When Emily & Caleb came in to Malka Diamonds it was clear that they were very excited about their recent engagement.  Caleb told us how he proposed.  He mentioned that he asked Emily on a hike one gorgeous sunny Oregon day and Emily, of course, said yes.Caleb & Emily  Caleb proposed with his grandmother's diamond engagement ring.  The piece was in need of some restoration and sizing.  We started to work on it quickly so that the two could show it to family on their upcoming trip.

Diamond Engagment RingCaleb mentioned to his mom that he had found a jeweler in Portland that was taking care of the ring.  While we were working on the ring we received the below note about the ring.  We always love to hear the history of heirlooms.  When they came in to pick it up, they were blown away.  Congratulations Caleb & Emily!  We are so thrilled for you both and thank you for allowing Malka Diamonds to work on your family ring.

"I want to thank you for taking care of Caleb and Emily and my mother's diamond engagement ring.  I just spoke to Caleb and he described the work you will do to transform the ring into exactly what they want it to be.  It is a very exciting time and a very meaningful experience for all of us. My parents were engaged and married in Attleboro, Massachusetts and my father was in the jewelry manufacturing business. I wish I had a bit more history on the diamond but I think my grandfather got it from a jeweler friend. I had it informally appraised in Greenfield MA a few years ago. I know it is not a "big" diamond, but I think it is a very nice one. The setting it is in is not the original. My sister and my parents went mining in Montana around 1975 and my sister found a sapphire and my mother gave her the original setting for the stone she found. The current setting for the diamond is very 1970s in style wouldn't you say? My parents were married in 1944. I can't wait to see Emily's engagement ring and thank you again for taking it on.  Sincerely, Betsy Antaya, Caleb's mom"

Their First Trip To Portland!

These two came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry yesterday.  We first saw them outside our store front looking into our collection of  vintage rings.  We couldn't help but watch them as they pointed to each ring and smiled.  They came in shortly after and asked to see one ring in particular, a platinum Art Deco ring that they both loved.  She tried it on and the two looked at each other right away.  They wanted to get it right then but felt a need to look at the other vintage rings to be certain.  A little while later, we were back at the original ring and they decided it was the one.  This ring was going to make it official.  The two had enjoyed what sounded like a wonderful first visit to Portland and this moment would make the trip even more memorable. ring-photo-copy-4b I asked if anyone knew what they were up to.  They smiled and said only his mom.  We sized the ring and they headed to the airport.  By now, they are home in California and I am sure they are enjoying sharing their story about their first visit to Portland and Malka Diamonds.

She Said Yes! Wedding Proposal In Portland, Oregon

IMG_1951-392x550bWe received this image a few days ago.  The email heading read, "She said Yes!"  These two came in a few months back and found a stunning antique wedding set.  She had seen several rings in Portland but fell in love with a ring we had in our vintage case.  They left and he contacted us a few days later asking us to size it and put it aside.  He came in on his own to purchase the 1940s yellow gold engagement ring with the matching band.  He mentioned that he had planned the proposal with a photographer and as you can see in the picture, he captured the moment.  Congratulations to you both!!!!

Stunning Vintage Ring & A Love Lock Honeymoon To Paris!

Michelle & Geoff came to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in downtown Portland looking for a vintage ring to house their beautiful loose diamond.  They had been to several local shops before Malka Diamonds and all had offered to custom create a replica vintage ring for them but no one had a true 1920s Art Deco ring that was similar to the one she fell in love with.  At Malka we do plenty of custom pieces but that is not what these two were looking for.  After several trips to vintage and antique shows as well as visits with vendors in our shop, we found the perfect ring.  Michelle had shown us a picture of her dream ring.  It was an Art Deco diamond ring with unique cut sapphires accompanying it.  It was stunning and she was willing to wait to find a similar one that she could call her own.  We called the two love birds in to our 3rd Ave shop to see a ring that we had just found which seemed perfect for them.  As Michelle said, "You found my glass slipper!"  The two were married in Oregon and honeymoon in Paris, France.  They joined the many newlyweds in the heartwarming custom of locking a love padlock on the Pont des Arts bridge and throwing the key into the Seine River.  Congratulations Michelle & Geoff!  Thanks for sharing your special moments with us! Michelle-GeoffMichelle-Geoff-rings





Your Ring As An Artistic Masterpiece - Brilliant!

photo-copy-91-e1353353848991-sSo many of you love your ring.  You have told me time and time again how special it is and how it reminds you of a special moment.  What if your ring was in a drawing that hung in your bedroom or in your powder room.  Ahuva Zaslavsky, an Israeli artist which has made Portland Oregon her home, is creating these masterpieces for Malka Diamonds.  Ahuva uses many forms of media to showcase her talents.  These two images seen below are in pen and are amazing representations of the rings.  The rings are both part of our vintage collection and are stunning art deco pieces.  The drawings are as accurate as a photograph but have a brilliant artistic flair.  It really is a must see and can be done for a special anniversary, birthday or any special moment.  These drawings will be on display at our Emily-Jane Trunk show on December 6th.  Ahuva will be here as well and would be happy to answer any questions about her technique.

A Vintage Ring Finds a Home & We Explain Replica vs Authentic Antiques

vintage-art-deco-ring-sLast week at Malka Diamonds, we had a customer buy one of our favorite vintage Art Deco rings.  He was thrilled to find such a stunning ring that was incredibly popular in the 1920s and now a rare find.  Inspired by the architecture of its time, this 1.15 carat European cut diamond platinum ring houses .35 carat total weight side stones and is set low in a vintage classic style. His fiance was thrilled with the ring and came into size it.  She asked, "How does one tell which rings are authentic antiques and which are replicas?"  Great question!  It's not an easy answer, but with so many companies creating replicas, if you are in the market for antique and vintage rings you should do your homework.

First, spend sometime looking at images of vintage rings to get familiar with the styles of the era.

Second, look for the platinum/gold karat mark on the back of the ring, pin or brooch, using a jeweler's loupe to locate these small symbols. They may be faint due to years of wear and tear. Look for other markings that indicate the company or artisan.

Third, look at the stone's setting.  Antique jewelry contains hand-cut diamonds and other gems.  Baguettes and invisible settings were first used in the 1920s.

Last, look at the the way the diamonds were cut.  Diamond cutting has changed significantly over time.  Around 1875, stones were cut in the European-cut manner.  The invention of the steam-powered lathe made the cutting faster and easier.  This form of cutting continued until the early 1900s.  The transitional-cut diamonds were used from around 1918 until the mid-1920s - a short frame of time that ended when the modern cut diamond was created.  From the 1920s to the present day, diamond cutters use mathematical measurements to cut the diamonds with 56 facets to create the round brilliant stone that dazzles and dances.