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Custom Jewelry Turns Into An Amazing Heirloom Ring

custom designFara came into Malka Diamonds of Portland Oregon with her families jewelry about one year ago.  She was hoping to create her own custom jewelry that she would wear everyday.  We had pulled out stones and metal that could be used towards the new piece.  The mission, however, was a big one and she needed time to think of exactly what that piece would look like.  We agreed to revisit the custom jewelry project when she was ready. A year later, Fara came back in to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.  She was still unsure what to do but after a productive brainstorming session with David and Ronnie, she was feeling more confident about the custom jewelry project.  The tri-colored ring seen in the image would become the bands.  This ring was from her paternal grandmother, Helene.  It was worn during her wedding ceremony because they needed a ring that was a solid circle.  The largest stone in the grouping was a diamond that was salvaged during World War II.  It was one of the few things that Fara's mother's family saved from their jewelry store before the Nazis tore the store apart.  The next largest diamond was taken from the engagement ring seen in the photo.  Chris had proposed with this ring 13 years ago and it meant a great deal to Fara that it was represented in this custom ring.  The three small stones were pulled from a bracelet that Fara's father, Steve had gifted her mom, Shelly.  The result as Fara posted on her Facebook page ..."is a super blingy (ha!) tribute to my marriage (going on 13 years!), my family (to whom I will pass this on), and the beautiful women in my life, whose stories I get to continue to tell."

We are truly honored with the opportunity to work on such an amazing project.  We know that this new piece will become an heirloom in Fara's family for decades to come.

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Malka Diamonds Hires An Additional Jeweler!

Malka Diamonds of downtown Portland, Oregon is staying very busy.  So busy that we decided it was time to add another jeweler to the our full-service shop.  We are pleased to introduce Tessa!IMG_0030  We first met Tessa at the GIA's (Gemological Institute of America) job fair.  She came highly recommended by her professors, recruiters as well as several of her fellow classmates.  We met many students that day but Tessa stood out.  Her education background is quiet robust.  She not only comes with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Criminology and Spanish but she has a strong education in the metal arts as well.  She first studied metalsmith at the Denver College of Metal & Arts.   She then made her way south to GIA Carlsbad, San Diego campus.  For the last two years, Tessa has been submersed in the world of jewelry.  Her certifications include Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Jeweler, Accredited Proficient Jewelry  & Certified CAD (computer aided design)/CAM (computer aided manufacturer). IMG_0050

It's clear that with the above education, Tessa is bringing a lot to the plate at Malka Diamonds.  We look forward to her working with David and I in the store as well as spending time on the jewelers bench with David Stanwood, our craftsman jeweler.   In addition, we are eager to take her knowledge on the CAD matrix program and implement it into our custom process.  Stay tuned for a future purchase of a 3D printer.  A CAD printer will use the computer program that Tessa has become familiar with and print out a wax form. Needless to say, Malka Diamonds is going stong and we are pleased and honor to have our Tessa on our team!   Come by and meet her soon.