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Josh & Lindsay, A Perfect Oregon Coast Engagement!

engagement photo

engagement photo

Meet Josh.  He recently shared with us the story of his engagement to Lindsay.  We loved it so much we wanted to share it with all of you. Josh first came into Malka Diamonds to find a diamond engagement ring in early September.  He worked with both Tessa & David.  First, Tessa spent some time showing Josh our engagement ring inventory.  He was pleased with one particular style right off the bat.  It was a cushion-shaped halo diamond ring.  Next, Josh sat down with David and looked at several round diamonds.  With some help from David, Josh found the perfect stone.  It was a stunning 1.18 carat round briilant diamond. Once the stone and ring were chosen, Josh had a request.  The semi-precious aquamarine stone is incredible important to Lindsay.  Josh wanted to make sure to use this blue stone in the design of her engagment ring.  As a group they decided to custom make the ring using aquamarines in the cushion-halo part of the ring. On Thursday, October 27th, Josh came in to pick up the ring.  David can recall the day Josh came in because he clearly was thrilled with the way ring came out and was excited to propose to the love of his life.  We are truly honored to be part of this wonderful engagement story.  Thank you Josh for sharing this exciting moment with us.

Below is their story, it's a good one...

"Lindsay and I met in Charlotte, NC through a mutual friend and became really good friends over the course of about a year.  I ended up getting a job offer in Portland when I was vacationing here and before I moved, we both realized we were much more than friends.  She took the plunge and moved here to be with me 6 months later.

We got engaged while driving up the coast from Tillamook to Cannon Beach on November 7th.  It was a really windy, rainy day but we pulled off anyway at Hug Point Beach to explore.  The tide was out so we were able to walk onto a second part of the beach that had a waterfall and series of caves.  The wind and rain really started to pick up at that point and we ducked into one of the caves.  That is where I asked Lindsay to be my wife."

Malka Diamonds 6th Anniversary Party With Garden Bar, Betsy & Iya And Bull Run Distillery!

Garden Bar @ Malka Diamonds

Garden Bar @ Malka Diamonds



David & I spent the morning with Ana, Paul & Scott from the Garden Bar.  We had a blast talking about our upcoming anniversary party.  On Thursday, December 3rd from 5:30-9 Malka Diamonds will celebrate six wonderful years.  The store will open after hours for a private party (rsvp required), where we will be showcasing the culinary expertise of our friends at Garden Bar.  The menu is in the works and the hype is spreading.  In addition, we are thrilled to partner with Betsy & Iya jewelry for a fabulous truck show and Bull Run distillery for a magnificent whiskey tasting.  It will be a night you won't want to miss! This event is a very special one for Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.  It is a time when we reflect on the year that past.  The familiar faces and the new ones we were thankful to work with.  It's because of the support of our community that we are as successful as we are.  This past year, we were honored with the People Love Us On Yelp award.  The Yelp award is not an easy one to receive.  Our 36 reviews that have rated us 5 star is one of the main reasons we have become one of the leaders in fine jewelry in the Portland market.

This year we expanded our full-service jewelry shop.  We added an additional jeweler, Tessa and have doubled in our custom, restoration &  repair work.  We are feeling very fortunate to celebrate Malka Diamonds' success with all of you.

Photo Shoot @ Malka Diamonds


Malka Diamonds just wrapped up a full photo shoot as it prepares for a new website launch!  It is amazing that such a large part of our success is in online presence.   It is truly amazing to think that the entire way we market has changed so drastically in just 20 years.  It was 1996 that it became obvious to most retail companies that a public web presence was imperative to the life of the organization. At Malka Diamonds, our website is the first introduction to our story.  Our new customers come in via our website and referrals from past customers.  At least weekly, a new customer will walk in and say, " wow, this looks just like the website".  This is why our website must be updated and upgraded to the latest and greatest.  We thought you might enjoy a sneak peek into the making of the new site.  We are hoping to showcase the custom jewelry making process as well as the restoration of vintage rings.  Stay tuned for the finished piece.


The photos taken for are not just images of the shop and the people who work at Malka Diamonds but of the behind the scenes.  There is so much that goes into custom creating and design that we were giddy to tell the story through photos.  Here is hoping the new site launches by the end of 2015!  Stay tuned..