vintage Art Deco ring

A One-Of-A-Kind Vintage-Inspired Blue Sapphire Ring

sapphire ringOne of our favorite things to do at Malka Diamonds & Jewelry, is custom making a one-of-a-kind piece.  Take a look at this stunning vintage-inspired blue sapphire ring we just delivered.  At Malka Diamonds we are fortunate to have two on-site jewelers.  All of our projects are done in-house, as we are a full-service jewelry store. The new owner of this beauty came in with this beautiful royal blue sapphire stone.  She wanted us to create a custom ring for her that would show off the stone and be unique.  She gave us free range to create.  During the process we presented the shield-cut diamonds.  She loved them!  sapphire ringThese kite-like stones were the perfect side stones for the vintage-inspired blue sapphire ring.  We bezel set the stones and milligrained the bezel.  Our jeweler then hand engraved the shank (band) with a leaf-like pattern.  he set several small diamonds along the shank and millgrained the edges as well.  The sapphire truly became even more beautiful once it was set in this one-of-a-kind custom creation.  Our customer came back last week to see the final process and was blown away.  This is definitely one of our favorite pieces.


An Adorable New York Couple Finds Their Vintage Treasure

IMG_0194Welcome to Portland Oregon Christina & Eric!  We met this New York couple a few days ago when they came in hunting for an Art Deco engagement ring.  Their visit to Portland was incredibly purposeful.  The two plan to move  to Portland soon.  During their trip to the Rose City, they were able to close on a home and find a vintage diamond engagement ring. When they first came in to Malka Diamonds they spent some time looking at the collection of Art Deco rings with David Malka and our new jeweler, Tessa.  Christina and Eric came in the very next day knowing exactly which one of the 1920s engagement rings they wanted.  The ring they chose is a highly coveted style from the Art Deco era.DSCN0705 copy

At Malka Diamonds, we visit with our vintage and antique vendors frequently to find this exact style ring.  These two were all smiles when they looked through our vintage jewelry case and found this stunning treasure.  The ring will spend a few extra days in our shop being re-shanked.  The current band has thinned over the years and although, it could be worn for at least 10 years, we just can't let it leave our hands without it being in perfect condition.

We fell in love with this couple's story.  Who wouldn't?  Their story is out of a 1950s movie.  She is a flight attendant and he is a pilot.  They both work for American Airlines.  The two met two years ago on a flight to Buenos Aires.  They fell in love and now are making Portland, home.

Congratulations to the two of you!  We are honored you chose Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.


An 82 Year Heirloom Vintage Ring Restored To Celebrate 10 Years!

vintage ringOnce you spend a few minutes looking at a Vintage Art Deco diamond ring you simple become mesmerized.  The craftsmanship alone showcases the amazing work man was able to do in the 1920s-1940s.  This was a time when we lacked in computers, machine-precision tools, etc.  A piece like the image shown is pure art.  David & I have found ourselves in awe of the vintage rings.  Over the past few years, we have proudly collected a large selection of vintage art deco diamond rings.  We have come to know the work well and for that reason when a piece like this makes its way into the store our jewelers know how to bring it back to its original being. This beautiful vintage diamond ring belongs to our good friend, Leslie.  Leslie, brought it in to Malka Diamonds a few weeks back.  The shank (band) part of the ring had cracked.  This was actually the third time the shank had broken which meant it was time to restore the ring.  The piece is three rings soldered together.  This was quite common.  People would have "guard-style" bands created to place on either side of the ring.  The practice was most common in the late 40s.  So in this incident, the two "guard-style" on this ring were made of 18 karat white gold.  The engagement ring however is in platinum which was more common in the 20s and 30s.  This center ring houses the large diamond center and is crafted in platinum.  This ring was given to Leslie's maternal grandmother, Ruth.  She wore it for 51 years as her wedding ring.  Married at the Olympic Hotel in Seattle on September 10, 1933 to Manton J. Spear.  The original stone was removed in 1984 after Manton passed.  It was given to their son and the ring itself was given to Leslie.  Leslie tucked the ring into her safe deposit box.

Years later, Leslie met Rich.  Rich requested the ring and purchased a cushion-cut diamond to be set in the center.  Leslie saw the ring for the first time again on her wedding day.  They were married March 26, 2005 at Congregation Beth Israel.

This month the two celebrate their 10 year anniversary.  It's timely that the restoring of this stunning 82-year-old heirloom vintage ring is now.  We are pleased to be part of bringing it back to its original beauty.  Thank you Leslie & Rich for choosing Malka Diamonds and for sharing your story.

A Vintage Ring Finds a Home & We Explain Replica vs Authentic Antiques

vintage-art-deco-ring-sLast week at Malka Diamonds, we had a customer buy one of our favorite vintage Art Deco rings.  He was thrilled to find such a stunning ring that was incredibly popular in the 1920s and now a rare find.  Inspired by the architecture of its time, this 1.15 carat European cut diamond platinum ring houses .35 carat total weight side stones and is set low in a vintage classic style. His fiance was thrilled with the ring and came into size it.  She asked, "How does one tell which rings are authentic antiques and which are replicas?"  Great question!  It's not an easy answer, but with so many companies creating replicas, if you are in the market for antique and vintage rings you should do your homework.

First, spend sometime looking at images of vintage rings to get familiar with the styles of the era.

Second, look for the platinum/gold karat mark on the back of the ring, pin or brooch, using a jeweler's loupe to locate these small symbols. They may be faint due to years of wear and tear. Look for other markings that indicate the company or artisan.

Third, look at the stone's setting.  Antique jewelry contains hand-cut diamonds and other gems.  Baguettes and invisible settings were first used in the 1920s.

Last, look at the the way the diamonds were cut.  Diamond cutting has changed significantly over time.  Around 1875, stones were cut in the European-cut manner.  The invention of the steam-powered lathe made the cutting faster and easier.  This form of cutting continued until the early 1900s.  The transitional-cut diamonds were used from around 1918 until the mid-1920s - a short frame of time that ended when the modern cut diamond was created.  From the 1920s to the present day, diamond cutters use mathematical measurements to cut the diamonds with 56 facets to create the round brilliant stone that dazzles and dances.