The Story Behind The Pendant

Mount-Kilamengaro-sJewelry is one of the few items that can capture life stories.  Weather celebrating a life-time commitment to each other, the birth of a child, the memory of a lost family member, a special trip, jewelry keeps that memory vivid for us.Over valentines day weekend, Laura, a client of ours, made her way up Mount Kilamanjaro.  She went up with a group but one by one the group dwindled to just Laura and her guide.  The weather was rough.  In fact, it was incredible cloudy and iced over.  Laura's body took quite a tole.  Her hands were completely iced over and one of her eyes were iced shut.  The two ended off track and Laura feared her life was in danger.   After several hours they found their way back and headed down the mountain. Laura could not bend any part of her body and was incredible weak.  She spent some time in her hotel over the next few days healing.  There, she found a native Tanzanian who was selling a beautiful tanzanite stone.  A stone that's origin is in the Tanzania region.  Laura purchased the stone and knew it would be a reminder of her trip up Mount Kilimanjaro. 1 1/2 months later, she came to MALKA Diamonds & Jewelry to create a memorable pendant of her story.  We are honored she choose us. .