Thomas & Chelsea, Adorable Couple Picks Engagement Ring Together!

Thomas-&-ChelseaWe met Thomas a few weeks back on a Saturday. David gave him the usual run down on diamonds and what to look for. We always like for our customers to know what they are buying before they make any decisions. David explained the 4Cs. The information he covered can be found on our website on the basic diamond page.Thomas looked at many diamonds and found a stunning stone in our downtown Portland jewelry store. He came back a couple of times over the week following and one diamond stuck out more than the rest. He picked it out and then went with what half of our grooms-to-be do. He chose to set the diamond temporarily in a 4-prong white gold solitaire ring. With the stone securely set and in a Malka Diamonds black box, Thomas asked Chelsea to marry him. The two came in together and picked out a stunning 18 karat white gold channel set diamond ring. It will be ready for them to pick up together in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we sized the temporary ring and are looking forward to seeing this adorable couple again soon. Congratulations Thomas & Chelsea!