A Tribute To Our Veterans at Malka Diamonds

dog-tag-veterans-2As we honor our veterans, Malka Diamonds is thinking back to the many veterans we have worked with over the five last years.  We have had engagements in the air force and marines.  We have helped a new father send a gift to his wife on their baby's birth.  We also have had the privilege to create a custom piece in honor of a special veteran.  The image to the left is a dog tag that was brought in by a member of the veteran's family.  The hope was to make 6 duplicates of the tag as a memorial piece.  First, we took the original and created a cold mold of the tag.  We then created 6 wax copies from the original mold.  Last, we casted five in silver and one in yellow gold.  The pieces came out perfectly. Malka Diamonds is honored to take a part in projects like this one.  We also would like to honor David Malka who served in the Israeli Army. dog-tag-veteransThank you to all our Veterans for keeping us safe!