A Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring For A Memorial Day Proposal!

photo-copy-5bThis vintage-inspired white gold engagement ring was in our shop, Malka Diamonds & Jewelry for a few hours before a soon-to-be-groom snatched it for his upcoming marriage proposal. We recently picked up Jolie designs, a well-made vintage-inspired line for our jewelry case.  The line resembles many of the intricate work that was displayed in the early 20s to the late 40s.  It showcases impeccable milgrain & filigree work and includes designs that have been coveted for the last 100 years.

Our soon-to-be-groom, came in last week looking for a new piece that had some vintage flare.  He found this stunning ring and without hesitation said, yes!  This morning he returned to see the stunning one carat diamond he had picked out set in his ring.  His smile said it all.  When asked when he might pop the question, he said, "Memorial Day on a great hike in the Gorge".  We can't wait to hear the details.  Sounds like this Memorial Day weekend will be memorable for him and his soon-to-be fiance.