Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet Symbolizes Amazing Travels

Yellow Gold Charm BraceletWe always say that jewelry symbolizes amazing moments in our lives.  A charm bracelet like this one can do just that.  One of our favorite customers came in the other day to add a few new charms to her yellow gold charm bracelet.  She had just returned from Alaska and brought back a mini Faberge egg locket.  This locket will continue to remind her of the wonderful trip she and her husband enjoyed together.  In addition to Alaska, the two have picked up many unique charms to symbolize their fabulous travels and moments together.  They celebrated their first anniversary in San Francisco and purchased a cable car charm.  They traveled to Santa Fe and added a kokopelli.  They headed to New York and purchased a gold Big Apple.  Her husband found an opal drop on his trip to Australia.  During their trip to Argentina, they found a tango shoe as well.  In addition, she had us add a Star of David to symbolize her love of Judaism.  We look forward to adding more charms to this gorgeous piece and hearing about future trips and wonderful moments in their lives.