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Malka Diamonds
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Top Rated Diamond Rings in Portland, OR


Tony B.

“I had an idea of the ring I wanted to get for my Fiancé, but no idea exactly what to get since I didn't have much knowledge about the diamond industry. David did a great job helping me find the perfect engagement ring and gave me a few options to narrow it down. They have a pretty wide selection of the best quality diamonds and rings. Will definitely recommend Malka Diamonds to my friends when their times come. Will also definitely be coming back for the wedding bands.” 

Malka Diamonds is a boutique Jewelry store located in downtown Portland on SW 3rd Ave. Customers love our excellent customer service, expertly crafted jewelry, and curated pieces. We want to make sure you leave our Portland jewelry store in love with your ring and feeling like a diamond expert. 

We have two GIA Certified Gemologist on staff to answer all your questions and help you find or design the ring of your dreams. Our goal is to earn your trust and lifelong business through outstanding quality and customer service. 

Our Portland jewelry store is set in a low pressure, informative, and collaborative environment, allowing you to pursue what you want in a ring so you can find the right piece for you.

We Sell...

Custom Rings


“Malka Diamonds is hands down the best jeweler in Portland. The friendly and knowledgeable staff made me feel welcome and comfortable in something I know nothing about. They took my vision of a custom design setting to showcase diamonds inherited by grandmother and brought it to life exceeding my every expectation! The craftsmanship is stellar and the design truly unique. Exactly what I wanted and more! Thank you Malka team!” -- Beven B.

Vintage Rings


“David was fabulous to work with, professional and personal at the same time. I absolutely LOVE my ring!! I had a very specific style in mind and we went to nearly every vintage jewelry store in the Portland area. The Malka Diamond store had a smaller selection of antique rings, but they are far superior in quality than anywhere else. I highly recommend them!” -- Brett W.

Designer Rings


"My fiancé and I had a very good experience picking out my lovely engagement ring at Malka. David and Ronnie (the owners) are very knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly. Since we have no prior knowledge of diamonds and jewelry, we had a lot of questions and the owners patiently responded to all of them. I love the interior of the shop and the display of their stunning jewelry. They have a very nice selection of beautiful engagement rings and we found the perfect one that fit our budget and my style." -- Margarita L.  

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GIA Certified Grading


Jewelry Purchasing


Why Do Customers Love Malka Diamonds?

Our Customer-Focused Process


Juan C.

“I can't say enough good things about Dave and everyone at Malka Diamonds. I had spent months searching for someone to make the right engagement ring, and ran into obstacle after obstacle with other jewelers who weren't able or willing to make the ring that I was after. Dave's response? "Sounds like a fun project to make someone happy". The communication was fantastic, and on more than one occasion he actually talked me out of more expensive options to stay the course with the initial concept. The work was done quickly, it looks great and I couldn't be happier. Shopping for an engagement ring can be a horribly nerve-wracking experience, and Dave made it effortless.”


Mark W.

"A fantastic establishment! Can't describe how nice and genuine Dave was. It was a no pressure experience and they are very knowledgeable and patient and simply want to help pick out what you want. This should be the only place you visit. Thanks again Malka you helped me so much!"

Our Beautiful, Expertly Crafted Rings


Dave K.

”Awesome family owned business. Is it the largest collection? Nope, but everything has been curated and what they do have is always tasteful. The quality is great. They even have a small cabinet with very nice less expensive items when you just need a smaller gift. I trust the owners and that's important when it comes to jewelry.” 


Anastasia S.

"We were on our way to grab some lunch and passed Malka's BEAUTIFUL assortment of vintage rings. We decided to pop inside and look around for a little bit. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by the friendliest people! The Malka team chatted with us and happily let us try on any ring we wanted. She even cleaned all of our rings and made them look so beautiful. Hands down the best jewelry store I have ever been to. If I was getting married, this would be the place I would buy my ring based on the selection of rings and the friendly service."

Our Friendly Team of Diamond Experts


Simon R.

"From the start of my daunting search for the perfect engagement ring, Dave at Malka Diamonds was helpful, informative, and incredibly knowledgeable. The team’s sympathetic ear combined with David’s hard, cold facts form the perfect combination for a relatively green diamond shopper like myself.

Despite short timescales and some slightly challenging international banking hurdles, Malka achieved for me in every conceivable way and I was able to propose seconds before we signed our marriage license."


Grant G.

"I'm a huge fan of Malka. I came here to see if they could help me make a custom engagement ring for my to-be wife. The Malka team was gracious enough to work with me and all my design revisions and they even sourced a gem they don't normally carry. We also came back here for my wife's wedding band - they did a great job designing a band that paired great with the engagement ring.

Also, David is awesome. He resized my ring (twice) that I didn't even buy from them, for free!

All around great family business. Go here and support your local jewelry shop. Highly recommended."

Our Customer Service


Lily A.

"My experience with Malka Diamonds & Jewelry was easily the best experience I've ever had with any jeweler. They are friendly, helpful and patient. They pay strong attention to detail and I can tell they do careful work, which I appreciate so much.

Thank you Malka!"


Robert R.

"The customer service at Malka is great. The selection is great. There is no sales pressure at all, they only help you find the piece of jewelry that you're looking for. My wife was steered towards a less expensive ring as it better matched the style she described to them. 

We found Malka after visiting a larger "friend in the diamond business," thinking that the latter's selection or prices might be better. The experience at the larger store was off putting; you see someone at the front, you wait, you see a second person who hurriedly shows you as many rings as possible in a short amount of time all while trying to get you to commit a deposit, then you go to another room with cashiers. 

Malka is the complete opposite. One friendly person to greet you, direct you towards their available pieces, while offering helpful advice and letting you know there is no rush or need to decide on the spot. It's a pleasant, no pressure experience."

See For Yourself!

Malka Diamonds is located in downtown Portland on SW 3rd Avenue. We're Open from 9:30AM - 5PM Monday through Friday and 10AM - 4PM on Saturdays.

Our staff of diamond experts and GIA Certified Gemologists are always available to help you choose something you'll love!

You're welcome to stop by anytime!