Established in 1988, Designs by Vatche has set the standard for exquisitely crafted bridal jewelry designs.  Their manufacturing facility, located in midtown Manhattan, combines the knowledge of age old jewelry techniques with the latest technological advances available in jewelry manufacturing.  Vatche utilizes top of the line laser welding, 3D computer modeling and state of the art digital imaging to create each and every piece.

Designs by Vatche is coveted at Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.  Crafted in platinum, it is our most expensive option.  However, most of our customers spend some time looking at this line for a quite a while.  They are always impressed with the feel of the engagement rings and the work that has been done to the piece.

We, at Malka Diamonds & Jewelry, chose Vatche as our exclusive bridal designer line. It’s our solo platinum designer that work is pure perfection!  Today, Vatche has become a much respected designer in the jewelry industry. His designs are classic and timeless with a clear custom feel to them. They are timeless classics to be adored from generation to generation.  We are proud to display their exceptionally made classic jewelry in
our downtown Portland, Oregon store.