Congratulations Joe + Ali!

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Grab a cup of coffee and a seat, Joe + Ali's proposal story needs your full and undivided attention. Joe found Malka Diamonds when he was hunting for a vintage engagement ring for Ali. He found the perfect ring while in our downtown Portland shop. He picked this stunning platinum 1.50ct european-cut diamond ring for Ali. Joe stopped in at the start of Memorial Day weekend to pick up the ring and appraisal. He mentioned he was heading up to the mountains to propose to Ali. They would be backpacking up to Melakwa Lake near Snoqualmie Pass for the weekend and he was so excited to pop the question!  We are thrilled he chose Malka Diamonds!

Here is the proposal story through Joe's eyes..."I decided to pop the question on a backpacking trip up in northern Washington, little did I know our relatively easy trail would turn into so much more! The trail was covered with about 10 feet of snow and after hours of hiking and making some progress we crossed a 600 foot waterfall to continue on our journey. At this point in the day, we were both exhausted and had taken quite a few wrong turns since there really was not trail with all of the snow! We used each other and our GPS to find our way to our destination. Shortly before the summit, Ali's sleeping pad came unhooked and fell about 45 feet down the side of the mountain. On our way to retrieve it, another thing fell... Ali! She fell about 25 feet down the mountain and luckily caught herself on a bent over tree. I had an "uh oh" moment and didn't know if I would ever get to pop the question on this trip. Luckily, Ali is a trooper and ended up with some gnarly bruising and a couple cuts and we were on our way again. After about 8 hours of hiking, we finally reached our destination, a frozen glacier lake surrounded by huge mountains everywhere you turned. I told Ali we should take a picture (like we normally do hiking) before the sun went down. Once I had everything set in place, I asked her the big question, and most likely due to fatigue, she said "yes". I can't wait to spend my life with such an amazing woman. We couldn't be more happy with the ring and she tells me every day how much she loves it. Thank you so much for making our proposal day so special!"