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Create a custom ring with one-on-one guidance from our master craftsman jewelers. Select your perfect stone and then choose your favorite setting. From timeless looks to modern and alternative styles, it means more when it's made just for you.

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Stone Type

At Malka Diamonds, we house an array of beautiful stone options that are ethically sourced and conflict free. Our in-house GIA gemologist has carefully curated a large selection of natural, lab-grown, and salt & pepper diamonds as well as stunning colored gemstones.

White Diamond (Natural)

Found in nature, these diamonds are stunning and classic.

White Diamond (Lab Grown)

Lab-Grown to perfection, a desirable look with an affordable price point.

Salt & Pepper Diamond

Unique & alternative to the traditional diamond, these diamonds have depth and one-of-a-kind beauty.

Colored Gemstones

Precious & semi-precious stones, found in nature, come in an array of colors. Their saturation is key when choosing the perfect stone.

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Stone Shape

Choosing the shape of a stone is one of the key components in the custom process. We are here to guide you through your options.


Classic and timeless, the round brilliant houses 58 facets that radiate outward from the center of the stone to maximize brilliance.


The oval-cut shape creates an elongated look while enhancing the sparkle from its cousin the round brilliant diamond.


The emerald-cut is typically rectangular in shape and is distinguished by beveled corners and step facets. This type of diamond is more transparent than others and thus requires higher standards of clarity.


Cut to represent a drop of water, the pear-shape (also refered to as teardrop) is an elegant cross between a round and marquise cut.


The marquise cut is rumored to have been specially developed for King Louis XIV of France who wanted a diamond that simulated the smile of Marquise de Pompadour. The elongated marquise stone boasts with 58 facets and appears larger because of its length.


The cushion-cut diamond is a favorite center stone option for those who prefer vintage style rings. The cushion cut gets its vintage appeal from several historical diamonds including the Hope Diamond. These stones are normally square or slightly rectagular and are often described as pillow-shaped.


Developed in 1977, this is a newer stone-cut which allows those who love the emerald-cut shape and the brilliance of the round an opportunity to have it all!


A hexagonal diamond is a six sided diamond offering a unique shape. Known for its geometric lines and modern aesthetic, owners of hexagon diamond can be pretty sure that nobody else will have the same engagement ring as you.


The shield and kite-shaped diamond are both very similar and yet their shape can vary. This shape is also seen often in side stones. The shield & kite shape is quiet popular among our unique and alternative collection and always exudes a one-of-a-kind look.


The princess-cut is a square stone with 90 degree corners. Developed in 1980, this cut can hide inclusions well among its 57 facets.

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At Malka Diamonds, we take pride in our custom work. From start to finish, we work meticulously to craft an exceptional piece just for you.


A solitaire ring is exactly that, a solitaire. This setting style is classic and timeless. It showcases one single stone which is attached to the shank (band) of the ring.


A catherdral engagement ring setting features two graceful arches that mimic a cathedral building. The elegant structure is a very popular setting style.


The bezel is a setting style in which the center stone is surrounded by a metal trim rather than set with prongs. This type of ring is a good choice if your fiance-to-be has an active lifestyle.

Ellie (3-stone)

The "Ellie" setting is a timeless classic 3-stone piece. It's center stone is varsatile in shape and size and its side stones flank the center diamond to complete the ring perfectly.


The "Rae" setting is a true favorite. Housing kite-shaped diamond centers that are outlined with .08ctw of round brilliant diamonds.


Our classic "Terryn" bead-set diamond shank which includes .03ctw of round brilliants leads your eyes straight to the center stone. A true twist on a classic style.


The "Maya" setting can be seen in an array of center stone shapes. It's signature name is given to it because of the profile which includes three brilliant diamonds on either side.


The "Amry" is a petite and low set ring. The round brilliant diamonds along the shank give the piece the embellishments it needs to create a beautiful finished piece.


The “Sasha” setting features a prong-set center accented by kite-shapes on either side and finished with milgrain presenting a delicately detailed modern look.


In a halo ring, a circle of small, typically round diamonds surround the center stone. This setting style draws attention to the ring while making it appear larger and more brilliant.


Unique, eye-catching and contemporary, the twist shank is a nice twist on the classic solitaire setting.

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Precious Metal

Whether you choose yellow, white, rose gold, or perhaps platinum, you will be pleased with the quality and appearance of your final piece.


Yellow gold is historically one of the most popular metals used for jewelry. Its warm yellow appearance seems to work with all skin tones, making it a popular choice.


Bright, white, and durable, this fine metal choice is a great option for showcasing diamonds and colored stones.


The rosy rich color, which comes from the copper alloy, makes this choice a true vintage beauty that feels modern and unique.


The most rare and enduring of precious metals is platinum. Its natural white color is the perfect canvas to accentuate your stone of choice.

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Custom Rings

The custom jewelry process is a unique and exciting one. Lucky for you, Malka Diamonds houses a state-of-the-art jewelry workshop. We have two exceptional craftsman jewelers working hard full time to assure that the custom pieces are made in an impeccable way.

Malka Diamonds in Portland, Oregon is home to a state-of-the-art, custom jewelry workshop. As third-generation diamond experts, we’re dedicated to the design and construction of custom engagement rings, wedding rings, and anniversary rings. Think of our team of exceptional craftsman jewelers as your personal ring designers. We’ll help you create a custom ring that is elegant, stylish, and truly unique.

Design Your Own

Our Process

Our master craftsman jewelers take pride in creating iconic, unique, and unforgettable pieces that stand the test of time.


Getting to know you

Before we show you a single diamond or band, we want to get to know you. We want to know what you’re imagining in your perfect ring. If you’re not sure, that’s OK! We’re always here to help.


Starting the process

We’ll begin with a discussion of your vision and will start to sketch out ideas for the design. We can also use computer design tools to help you visualize what the finished ring may look like.


Choosing the perfect diamond

Next, we’ll help you find the perfect diamond for your custom ring. We’ll talk about the 4 C’s of diamonds (clarity, cut, color, and carat) and answer any questions you might have. Then we’ll show you a variety of diamonds and help you choose the right one for your custom ring design.


Designing the setting

Our next step is designing a setting that will complement and enhance the diamond (or diamonds) you selected.


Crafting the ring

Finally, our jewelers will painstakingly craft your custom ring using the design elements you selected. Whether you envision a vintage or designer look or something more non-traditional, the end result will be a ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Why Shop at Malka?

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There’s a reason we’ve been named one of the coolest jewelry stores in the US.

When you walk into our non-traditional engagement ring jewelry store in Portland's Pearl District, we want you to feel like part of our family. Enjoy our relaxed and friendly approach. Sip on a beverage and chat with our team as you view our top-of-the-line and highly curated collections.

We’ll take the time to learn about you and what you’re looking for, giving you all the time you need to browse through and pick the perfect alternative ring.

At Malka Diamonds, you’ll find:

Third-generation diamond experts
Master craftsman jewelers who specialize in creating custom non-traditional rings
On-staff GIA graduate gemologists
Rings that always include appraisals, complimentary sizing, and lifetime care

I fell in love with the ring immediately and still find myself glancing at it several times a day. We can't thank Malka Diamonds enough for all of their help in making this possible for us, you guys truly are the best!”

-Heather & Chantel

We couldn't be more happy with the ring and she tells me every day how much she loves it. Thank you so much for making our proposal day so special!” 

-Joe & Ali

Once the ring shopping started, he tried multiple store and found Malka Diamonds. Their friendly service and great reviews sold him! They helped Brock find the perfect ring! After the engagement, they also helped BJ to find a band to compliment her engagement ring.“

-Brock & BJ