Permanent Bracelet

Malka Diamonds is thrilled to offer permanent, laser-welded jewelry, custom sized to fit you. Whether you visit us on your own or bring your besties, our team will gladly laser weld your choice of 14kt gold chain to your wrist or ankle to create the ultimate clasp-less piece.

Permanent jewelry is the perfect gift for you or a loved one! It's the ultimate in friendship bracelets. Bring a friend or family member and mark your special relationship with a permanent bracelet. This little bit of sparkle will last forever but of course can be removed if needed with a pair of sharp scissors.

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Restoration & Repair

The Malka Diamonds team includes a GIA Certified Gemologist, a former GIA grader, and other expert jewelry restoration specialists. We love challenges and will do everything we can to make sure your jewelry looks fabulous. We can:

Tighten and set stones
Replace lost stones
Build up prongs and shanks
Milgrain addition
Rhodium plate

At Malka Diamonds our in-house laser welding machine allows our expert craftsmen to seamlessly repair and resize rings. It’s an amazing piece of technology and produces incredible results.

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Custom Design

The custom jewelry process is a unique and exciting one. Lucky for you, Malka Diamonds houses a state-of-the-art jewelry workshop. We have two exceptional craftsman jewelers working hard full time to assure that the custom pieces are made in an impeccable way.

Malka Diamonds in Portland, Oregon is home to a state-of-the-art, custom jewelry workshop. As third-generation diamond experts, we’re dedicated to the design and construction of custom engagement rings, wedding bands and beautiful jewelry pieces. Think of our team of exceptional craftsman jewelers as your personal designers. We’ll help you create a custom piece that is elegant, stylish, and truly unique.

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Jewelry Appraisal Services

Need your fine jewelry appraised? Valuable jewelry should have its own documentation. At Malka Diamonds we have the privilege and distinction of offering a complete state of the art gemological laboratory. Our appraiser is a Graduate Gemologist from Gemological Institute of America. We use cutting edge valuation software that removes the guesswork and assigns accurate values to your jewelry items. Our fine jewelry appraisal services in Portland, Oregon include insurance appraisals, retail replacement, estate valuation, estate buying, loose stone identification, stone valuation and grading, stone plotting, liquidation, and digital photography. Rest assured that our jewelry appraisal services are accurate and fair for peace of mind on your fine jewelry values.

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Re-Stringing Pearls

With time and normal wear, the thread of pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets become brittle and susceptible to breakage. Generally, re-stringing should be done every 2-3 years. If the cord has “blackened” near the pears or the individual pearls can slide, side to side, it’s time for re-stringing! Need a set of pearls restrung? Let the professionals at Gennaro Jewelers prolong the life of your pearls by restringing and inspecting the clasps. We can also replace missing pearls with matching ones and in many cases, we can replace missing beads. We can also replace the clasp or closure and create a single strand or multi-strand necklaces or bracelets.

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Cleaning, Polishing, and Inspection Services

When jewelry is worn every day, it is exposed to accidental glancing hits and bumps that can cause damage, the damage that you might not notice at the time. Jewelry should be inspected at least once a year. The below is what we do at Malka Diamonds to inspect your valuable jewelry:

So, what does a jewelry inspection usually involve?


First, your jewelry will be professionally cleaned by our experienced staff. There is no charge at Malka Diamonds to “clean” your jewelry in our modern ultrasonic cleaner.


There is no charge to do a jewelry inspection at Malka Diamonds. Checking the safety of your items is the main reason you should have your jewelry inspected. Our staff of professionals will use high powered magnification to check your setting for problems such as worn, bent or broken prongs. Your stones will be examined to see if they are loose, and if they are, they will be tightened by our master diamond setter. Any tightening or setting work will be done. If prongs or areas of the precious metal are worn, we can rebuild or replace the worn areas and restore them to their original condition.


Polishing jewelry is NOT the same as cleaning jewelry. Cleaning just removes dirt and soil; it does NOT polish the surface.

Polishing is a complete hand process of using a series of a few buff wheels, This process will remove the majority of surface scuffs and scratches. The precious metal then receives a final high luster polish so that it looks like new.