MALKA Diamonds Meets With Historical Architects For A Future Sign!

1104-sw-3rd-ave-1904-sMALKA Diamonds opened only two years ago but has roots that date back over 70 years. David Malka's great-uncle owned Sealy Dresser.  Sealy was a high-end grocery store that was in the Hamilton building in downtown Portland.  This grocery shop was in the same place that MALKA stands today.  David's Aunt Edie recalls visiting her uncle and going upstairs to the bakery.  Her sister Sylvia worked at Sealy Dresser and helped downstairs in the basement to arrange fruit baskets.  Today, MALKA Diamonds is a fine jewelry store that prides itself on custom wedding rings and wholesale diamonds.  It is making it too will be added to the list of successful retailers who have resided in the Hamilton building. Earlier today MALKA Diamonds met with historical architects to discuss a sign for the retail diamond shop.  The sign will be under the historical guidelines and will give the store the exposure it needs.  Take a look at this historical building in the 1930s.  We will keep you posted as the sign project gets underway.