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Josh & Lindsay, A Perfect Oregon Coast Engagement!

engagement photo

engagement photo

Meet Josh.  He recently shared with us the story of his engagement to Lindsay.  We loved it so much we wanted to share it with all of you. Josh first came into Malka Diamonds to find a diamond engagement ring in early September.  He worked with both Tessa & David.  First, Tessa spent some time showing Josh our engagement ring inventory.  He was pleased with one particular style right off the bat.  It was a cushion-shaped halo diamond ring.  Next, Josh sat down with David and looked at several round diamonds.  With some help from David, Josh found the perfect stone.  It was a stunning 1.18 carat round briilant diamond. Once the stone and ring were chosen, Josh had a request.  The semi-precious aquamarine stone is incredible important to Lindsay.  Josh wanted to make sure to use this blue stone in the design of her engagment ring.  As a group they decided to custom make the ring using aquamarines in the cushion-halo part of the ring. On Thursday, October 27th, Josh came in to pick up the ring.  David can recall the day Josh came in because he clearly was thrilled with the way ring came out and was excited to propose to the love of his life.  We are truly honored to be part of this wonderful engagement story.  Thank you Josh for sharing this exciting moment with us.

Below is their story, it's a good one...

"Lindsay and I met in Charlotte, NC through a mutual friend and became really good friends over the course of about a year.  I ended up getting a job offer in Portland when I was vacationing here and before I moved, we both realized we were much more than friends.  She took the plunge and moved here to be with me 6 months later.

We got engaged while driving up the coast from Tillamook to Cannon Beach on November 7th.  It was a really windy, rainy day but we pulled off anyway at Hug Point Beach to explore.  The tide was out so we were able to walk onto a second part of the beach that had a waterfall and series of caves.  The wind and rain really started to pick up at that point and we ducked into one of the caves.  That is where I asked Lindsay to be my wife."

A Stunning Halo Diamond Ring For An Anniversary Gift!

2 carat halo diamond ringWhat if you woke up to this stunning halo diamond ring every morning?  That would definitely be a ray of sunshine!  This beauty is about to leave Malka Diamonds & Jewelry's downtown Portland shop.  There are now two of these stunning rings floating around on Portland's fingers.  Both rings were purchased for 10 year anniversary gifts.  Both customers  were hunting for a ring they could re-mount their diamond in.  They were searching for a ring that was set low and had the wow factor.  This piece definitely does.  The ring shown houses a 2.02-carat diamond.  The center stone is surrounded by 1-carat total weight of diamonds - 200 (1mm) stones!  It's basically the halo split-shank diamond engagement ring on steroids.  We are gitty about it and can't wait to see our customer's face when she places this beauty on her finger.  Here is to a sparkly Wednesday.

Malka Diamonds Hires An Additional Jeweler!

Malka Diamonds of downtown Portland, Oregon is staying very busy.  So busy that we decided it was time to add another jeweler to the our full-service shop.  We are pleased to introduce Tessa!IMG_0030  We first met Tessa at the GIA's (Gemological Institute of America) job fair.  She came highly recommended by her professors, recruiters as well as several of her fellow classmates.  We met many students that day but Tessa stood out.  Her education background is quiet robust.  She not only comes with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Criminology and Spanish but she has a strong education in the metal arts as well.  She first studied metalsmith at the Denver College of Metal & Arts.   She then made her way south to GIA Carlsbad, San Diego campus.  For the last two years, Tessa has been submersed in the world of jewelry.  Her certifications include Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Jeweler, Accredited Proficient Jewelry  & Certified CAD (computer aided design)/CAM (computer aided manufacturer). IMG_0050

It's clear that with the above education, Tessa is bringing a lot to the plate at Malka Diamonds.  We look forward to her working with David and I in the store as well as spending time on the jewelers bench with David Stanwood, our craftsman jeweler.   In addition, we are eager to take her knowledge on the CAD matrix program and implement it into our custom process.  Stay tuned for a future purchase of a 3D printer.  A CAD printer will use the computer program that Tessa has become familiar with and print out a wax form. Needless to say, Malka Diamonds is going stong and we are pleased and honor to have our Tessa on our team!   Come by and meet her soon.

A Stranger Catches This Breathtaking Utah Engagement!

joe-heidiIt was just yesterday when Jon & Heidi came into Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland Oregon.  The two were smiling from ear to ear.  They had just returned from a memorable trip to Moab, Utah.  They shared their story with us and we were blown away.  We asked them to send over some pictures and details about the engagement.  Here is what Jon sent this morning...."A little bit about our proposal story...Heidi and I had a week vacation in Moab, Utah last week and I knew I wanted to propose on one of the hikes in the National Parks there. Last Wednesday we decided to go on a hike to one of the more notable rock arches in Arches National Park and I decided sometime on this 3 mile hike I would propose...preferably in front of the arch with a beautiful vista. Neither of us had ever been here so we had no idea of the beauty of it. The hike up towards the arch was full of beautiful red rock and canyon views and felt like we were hiking to the top of the world. joe-heidi-archWe came around a bend on the trail and then there was Delicate Arch in front of us....breathtaking, enormous, and with a perfect blue sky and scenery behind it. I knew this was the place. I had Heidi and I walk towards the arch and told her I wanted to get a picture of us. It so happened that on the walk over, a man asked us if we would like him to take a picture of us. I said yes and after Heidi was posed for the photo I reached down in my backpack and picked up the ring that was hidden in its box with some hiking socks wrapped around it. I got down on my knee and proposed....Heidi was so surprised and full of joy...and said yes. Our photographer stranger/friend was equally surprised but took several photos of the proposal which we're so lucky to have. Heidi loves the ring we got at your store.."  Thank you Jon & Heidi for sharing this magical moment with us.  We are honored to be part of this engagement utah amazing story.  Congratulations to you both on your recent engagement.  We can't wait to see the wedding pictures! - David & Ronnie Malka

Calling All Ducks... Adorable Couple Gets Engaged On Hayward Field!

Taylor & Lauren Meet Taylor and Lauren.  Taylor came in to Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland looking for an engagement ring.  He wanted it to be something truly special for his soon-to-be fiance, Lauren.  We looked at the selection of rings in the showroom and he was strongly considering one ring.  It was a pretty ring with some unique components on the sides but he didn't love the way the center diamond was set.  Lucky for Taylor, Malka Diamonds can do it all.  We removed the original 4-prong setting and placed the diamond in a bezel setting.

We then had our exceptional jeweler, David Stanwood, add bead work to the bezel.  The result is this amazing one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring.Meet Lauren.  Lauren came in to our shop glowing.  The two had just returned home from Eugene.  Lauren shared with us the story of their engagement.  Seems Taylor was able to get the gate of Hayward Field, the UO track and field, open for a private visit.  The two reminisced about the many hours they spent running for the UO team.  Taylor then proposed with this stunning ring and Lauren said, Yes!  The two are now happily engaged and are starting to plan the wedding.  Thank you for including Malka Diamonds in this amazing time in your lives.






Zeghani By Simon G Has Arrived At Malka Diamonds

We, at Malka Diamonds, are pleased to announce that the Zeghani bridal collection by Simon G has arrived! Zeghani is a sought-after bridal line which features exceptionally crafted fine jewelry.  Simon G is a household name that continues to be a leading bridal line since they launched their first line.  Zeghani is one of the collections that is housed at Simon G and is made to reach all budgets. The highly coveted company chose Malka Diamonds as one of the few jewelry stores in the Northwest to house their stunning and classic bridal line.  We are honored and could not be happier.  Check out some of the beautiful engagement rings that are settling into our Malka Diamond & Jewelry cases by clicking the link ( latest collection page ) or heading to malkadiamonds.com.Zeghani bySimon GZeghani by Simon G

A Touching Proposal With A Custom Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring!

Our customer, John, recently emailed us that he had proposed to Emily, his now fiancé, who replied, "Yes!"  We worked with John on a custom three-stone diamond engagement ring.  It was a pleasure to work with him and a treat to get the following engagement story... John & emily

"We began our relationship together on January 11th 2013.   After this past Christmas break, we were planning on having a special date to recognize being together for one year.  I made arrangements to have dinner at our friends' house where we actually had our first date almost a year ago.  I did not initially tell her the details of what we would be doing but everyday I gave her a clue concerning where we would be going, with whom we would be, and what we would be doing.  As soon as Emily returned, it was clear that she knew what was about to happen.  I briefly recounted the changes in our relationship as  I placed the ring I had custom-created at Malka Diamonds on her finger.

three-stone ring

I got down on one knee and said, "Emily, will you marry me?" and she said, "Yes!" and quietly exclaimed.  "We're going to get married!"

Thank you John for sharing your story and photos with Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.  We are honored to be part of this amazing time in your lives.  We are looking forward to meeting Emily soon.Portland Propsal

A Family Heirloom Is Restored @ Malka Diamonds

Emily & CalebCaleb & Emily, Portland Engaged Couple found us on yelp when they were looking for an independent jewelry store in Portland Oregon.  The two were in search for a shop that could restore a family heirloom.  When Emily & Caleb came in to Malka Diamonds it was clear that they were very excited about their recent engagement.  Caleb told us how he proposed.  He mentioned that he asked Emily on a hike one gorgeous sunny Oregon day and Emily, of course, said yes.Caleb & Emily  Caleb proposed with his grandmother's diamond engagement ring.  The piece was in need of some restoration and sizing.  We started to work on it quickly so that the two could show it to family on their upcoming trip.

Diamond Engagment RingCaleb mentioned to his mom that he had found a jeweler in Portland that was taking care of the ring.  While we were working on the ring we received the below note about the ring.  We always love to hear the history of heirlooms.  When they came in to pick it up, they were blown away.  Congratulations Caleb & Emily!  We are so thrilled for you both and thank you for allowing Malka Diamonds to work on your family ring.

"I want to thank you for taking care of Caleb and Emily and my mother's diamond engagement ring.  I just spoke to Caleb and he described the work you will do to transform the ring into exactly what they want it to be.  It is a very exciting time and a very meaningful experience for all of us. My parents were engaged and married in Attleboro, Massachusetts and my father was in the jewelry manufacturing business. I wish I had a bit more history on the diamond but I think my grandfather got it from a jeweler friend. I had it informally appraised in Greenfield MA a few years ago. I know it is not a "big" diamond, but I think it is a very nice one. The setting it is in is not the original. My sister and my parents went mining in Montana around 1975 and my sister found a sapphire and my mother gave her the original setting for the stone she found. The current setting for the diamond is very 1970s in style wouldn't you say? My parents were married in 1944. I can't wait to see Emily's engagement ring and thank you again for taking it on.  Sincerely, Betsy Antaya, Caleb's mom"

Congratulations To Our San Francisco Couple, Eirenne & Aiden!

Congratulations to our newly engaged San Francisco couple, Eirenne & Aiden! San Francisco ProposalAiden first contacted us by email.  He wanted to see if Malka Diamonds of Portland, Oregon could custom-make a rose gold halo oval diamond ring for his soon-to-be fiance, Erienne.  We loved the idea of a rose gold engagement ring and gladly accepted the challenge.  We spoke to Aiden over the phone, sent emails and images and within a few weeks, his ring was ready to be picked up.  Then on a trip to Oregon to see his future fiance's family, he snuck away from Erienne to come see us.  He was accompanied by his future father-in-law.  The two of them were incredibly pleased with the outcome of the ring.  Aiden returned to San Francisco, where he and Erienne reside and a few weeks later they were engaged.

Rose Gold Halo Oval DiamondThe following is part of an email received from Aiden..  "Last night was the proposal. With Erienne's birthday coming up, I told her we were going out last night but didn't tell her where. After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, I told her we had some time to kill and should go to a popular view-point. Once we got up there, we took some pictures of the bridge and city and then I popped the question. She was totally shocked and had no idea it was coming. She absolutely loves the ring and couldn't believe it was custom made for her...Again, I can not thank you both enough. You both made this whole process so great for me, and Erienne is so grateful for the ring you made for her.  photo 1Hope all is well!  Aidan"

What a wonderful proposal and amazing photos!  Congratulations to you both! - Ronnie & David

Vancouver B.C. Couple Make It Official @ Malka Diamonds

Vancouver BC Couple This adorable couple came down to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in Portland, Oregon last April to meet with David and I. They received a crash course on diamonds from David Malka owner of Malka Diamonds and a resident graduate gemologists from GIA.  They returned this past Saturday and choose an amazing and incredible rare diamond.  Majority of diamonds have what you might call "birthmarks".  The marks are natural inclusions found in the stones.  The clarity of the diamond is determined on how difficult it is to see the stone's flaws.  However, in nature there are only .0009 percent of diamonds that are internally flawless.  We have a couple of these in our downtown Portland diamond district shop.   This adorable couple looked through some amazing stones and found a 1.33 carat G color Internally Flawless diamond that they fell in love with.  They were both gitty when we were able to set and size the gorgeous ring on Internally Flawless Diamond Engagement Ringthe spot.  Thank you for making the trip from Vancouver B.C. and Congratulations you two!