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A Touching Proposal With A Custom Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring!

Our customer, John, recently emailed us that he had proposed to Emily, his now fiancé, who replied, "Yes!"  We worked with John on a custom three-stone diamond engagement ring.  It was a pleasure to work with him and a treat to get the following engagement story... John & emily

"We began our relationship together on January 11th 2013.   After this past Christmas break, we were planning on having a special date to recognize being together for one year.  I made arrangements to have dinner at our friends' house where we actually had our first date almost a year ago.  I did not initially tell her the details of what we would be doing but everyday I gave her a clue concerning where we would be going, with whom we would be, and what we would be doing.  As soon as Emily returned, it was clear that she knew what was about to happen.  I briefly recounted the changes in our relationship as  I placed the ring I had custom-created at Malka Diamonds on her finger.

three-stone ring

I got down on one knee and said, "Emily, will you marry me?" and she said, "Yes!" and quietly exclaimed.  "We're going to get married!"

Thank you John for sharing your story and photos with Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.  We are honored to be part of this amazing time in your lives.  We are looking forward to meeting Emily soon.Portland Propsal

Their First Trip To Portland!

These two came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry yesterday.  We first saw them outside our store front looking into our collection of  vintage rings.  We couldn't help but watch them as they pointed to each ring and smiled.  They came in shortly after and asked to see one ring in particular, a platinum Art Deco ring that they both loved.  She tried it on and the two looked at each other right away.  They wanted to get it right then but felt a need to look at the other vintage rings to be certain.  A little while later, we were back at the original ring and they decided it was the one.  This ring was going to make it official.  The two had enjoyed what sounded like a wonderful first visit to Portland and this moment would make the trip even more memorable. ring-photo-copy-4b I asked if anyone knew what they were up to.  They smiled and said only his mom.  We sized the ring and they headed to the airport.  By now, they are home in California and I am sure they are enjoying sharing their story about their first visit to Portland and Malka Diamonds.

Seattle's Linda & Denny, Celebrate 30 Years @ Malka Diamonds

Ringshopping in portland This fantastic couple celebrated 30 years of marriage in Portland last weekend.  We worked with Linda and Denny over the phone, email and facetime to find them the perfect ring.  Linda wanted a radiant-cut diamond which is rectangular with soft corners.  She wanted it set horizontally, a unique choice for a stone that is usually seen set in the vertical manner.  We found her a Radiant-cut split shank ringstunning stone and a perfect ring to set it in.  The two drove down Friday morning from Vancouver B.C. Canada and were in our shop in downtown Portland by the afternoon.  Since we had cooresponded so much we felt as if we were old friends by the time they came in.  The two made a weekend of it and enjoyed our city while David Stanwood, our jeweler, sized and set the stone.  Linda & Denny came in Saturday afternoon and loved the ring.  Thanks for making the trip down to Portland.  We hope to see you again soon.

Vancouver B.C. Couple Make It Official @ Malka Diamonds

Vancouver BC Couple This adorable couple came down to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in Portland, Oregon last April to meet with David and I. They received a crash course on diamonds from David Malka owner of Malka Diamonds and a resident graduate gemologists from GIA.  They returned this past Saturday and choose an amazing and incredible rare diamond.  Majority of diamonds have what you might call "birthmarks".  The marks are natural inclusions found in the stones.  The clarity of the diamond is determined on how difficult it is to see the stone's flaws.  However, in nature there are only .0009 percent of diamonds that are internally flawless.  We have a couple of these in our downtown Portland diamond district shop.   This adorable couple looked through some amazing stones and found a 1.33 carat G color Internally Flawless diamond that they fell in love with.  They were both gitty when we were able to set and size the gorgeous ring on Internally Flawless Diamond Engagement Ringthe spot.  Thank you for making the trip from Vancouver B.C. and Congratulations you two!

David & Joann, The Airforce And Now An Engagement!

Joann & David Just a few weeks ago, these two got engaged!   They both presently serve in the US Air Force and are clearly head over heels in love!  Joann sent us am email thanking us and giving us a little more information about the proposal.  Here is their story and we so thrilled we could be part of it.  ..."While David was deployed, he researched some jewelers and found Malka Diamonds. David had been in constant contact with Ronnie about different diamonds and settings he thought I would be interested in, so when we finally got the chance to drive through Oregon from California, we fell in love with a particular engagement ring and wedding band. David wanted me to be a part of the ring buying process, but he still wanted the proposal to be a surprise (which is impossible, because I'm Curious George), so the Malka’s helped David with ensuring the ring sizing and setting would be done before we left Portland for Seattle that day. While we were shopping, David slipped away to go "pay for parking" but really to purchase and pick up the ring. A couple of days later, David proposed on a dock at Greenlake, Seattle. He had roses and pictures hanging all along the sides of the dock. At the end of the dock, he had a picture of the engagement ring, and to my surprise, he pulled out the actual ring from his pocket. I was completely shocked because I had no idea he had even purchased the ring, let alone have the ring in his possession. It's impossible to surprise me, but David definitely pulled it off!"  Thank you Joann for sharing your story with us!  We are so happy for you both.


Stunning Vintage Ring & A Love Lock Honeymoon To Paris!

Michelle & Geoff came to Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in downtown Portland looking for a vintage ring to house their beautiful loose diamond.  They had been to several local shops before Malka Diamonds and all had offered to custom create a replica vintage ring for them but no one had a true 1920s Art Deco ring that was similar to the one she fell in love with.  At Malka we do plenty of custom pieces but that is not what these two were looking for.  After several trips to vintage and antique shows as well as visits with vendors in our shop, we found the perfect ring.  Michelle had shown us a picture of her dream ring.  It was an Art Deco diamond ring with unique cut sapphires accompanying it.  It was stunning and she was willing to wait to find a similar one that she could call her own.  We called the two love birds in to our 3rd Ave shop to see a ring that we had just found which seemed perfect for them.  As Michelle said, "You found my glass slipper!"  The two were married in Oregon and honeymoon in Paris, France.  They joined the many newlyweds in the heartwarming custom of locking a love padlock on the Pont des Arts bridge and throwing the key into the Seine River.  Congratulations Michelle & Geoff!  Thanks for sharing your special moments with us! Michelle-GeoffMichelle-Geoff-rings





Fancy Shaped Sides Make This Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring Unique & Bold!

photo-18-sPete & Nikki came into to our shop looking for the perfect ring.  When they saw this shield-shaped side ring they knew it was the one.  They picked out an exceptional 1.50 Emerald-cut diamond to complete the piece.  Pete came in to pick up the ring as soon as the stones were set and the ring was sized.  Once the ring was in his possession it didn't take long for him to propose.  As so many have said, that black box seems to start burning a hole in their pocket and they can't seem to keep it from their loved one for too long.  Pete proposed that night on a nostalgic walk on the waterfront.  Nikki was thrilled! There are many diamond cuts.  Round, Princess (square), Oval, Emerald, and Cushion (rounded-corner square) are the most commonly sold at MALKA Diamonds & Jewelry in Downtown Portland Oregon.  However, there are many other cuts that deserve recognition.  These fancy cuts are exquisite and in some cases give a center stone a unique and bold look that sets it apart from the rest.  The shield-shaped cut is one of the older yet more unusual of the diamond shapes.  With the intricate angles and bold points this shape is a real stunner when incorporated into dazzling pieces.  These shapes are most commonly used in matching pairs as side stones to bigger solitaire stones, adding a distinctive and eye-catching element to the design.  Because of their lengthy and pointy shapes,  they are probably best when appearing on an engagement ring since their long ends run down the shank of the ring.  As with other side stone shapes which most often appear as pairs, such as the trilliant, baguette, half-moon and crescents – it is important that these stones are found in matching pairs – similar in size, color and clarity.  This may be a challenge.  Usually one will buy them in already matched pairs.

shield1This shield shape is somewhat triangular on the bottom with an added “level” added at the top with angled edges tapering upwards. The sides of the stone may be straight or rounded.  This shape is reminiscent, as the name suggests, of the shields used by warriors in battle.  Predominantly used as side stones they are also used in some cases for hanging earrings and in pendants.

However the shields are used they add so much to any piece of jewelry.  Congratulations Pete & Nikki!  We can't wait to see pictures from the wedding.