The Story Behind Chocolate Diamonds

2-7a217e1704The current craze for chocolate diamonds has shocked everyone in the industry.  It just goes to show if advertised and marketed well, the tap-water in the bottle will sell to millions.   Throughout diamond history the color of a stone plays a large part in the value of the stone.  At MALKA Diamonds we notice that most people looking for a diamond have color on the top of their priority list.  The whiter the diamond the more valuable it becomes.  Rare colored diamonds like pinks and blues are also valued high.   However, at the bottom of the desired color list are the brown "chocolate" diamonds.  These stones are so commonly found they have a very low value in comparison.  For example, the Argyle diamond mine is the world’s biggest supplier of diamonds. It yields about 80 percent brown diamonds, some 15 percent yellow hues, about 4 percent white diamonds and the remaining 1 percent are red to pink, green and blue hues.  Le Vian a jewelry company who saw the potential created a huge campagin marketing the "chocolate/chapagne/coniac" colored diamonds.  They were successful.  Brown diamonds have become very desirable.  We get asked about these brown stones once in a while.  The truth is if you are a chocolate diamond fan, you will pay a fraction of the price for these stones that you would for a white diamond.