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11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Vicky K
11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Getting ready to pop the question? In our opinion, Portland’s one of the best places to propose! With so much natural beauty and unforgettable sights, it might be impossible to pick a single perfect place to propose.

But there is a perfect place for you to propose! You just have to find a spot with meaning for you and your partner, reflecting your personality, values, and relationship. In today’s blog post, we’ll try to inspire you by reviewing 11 of the most popular places to propose in and around Portland.


1. Chinese Garden

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Jonathan Miske on Flickr

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of downtown Portland’s hidden treasures! If you work in the area, it’s possible to walk past the block (on NW Everett between 2nd and 3rd avenue) and not even know what you’re missing. Hiding behind white concrete walls is an incredibly beautiful and romantic reproduction of a traditional Chinese garden.

You’ll find a tranquil koi pond, burbling waterfalls, mossy stepping stones, and soothing samisen music. There are also dozens of species of plants including magnolia trees, bamboo, and peonies. The look of the garden changes with the seasons and offers a spectacularly beautiful and private place to propose any time of the year.


2. Laurelhurst Park

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Matt Perreault on Flickr

Laurelhurst Park is one of Portland’s biggest and most well-known parks. If you’re planning a proposal in Portland, Laurelhurst is one of the best places! Pop the question under towering trees, next to blooming flowers, or in a secluded spot next to one of the ponds.

Laurelhurst Park is also an awesome place to hold a wedding, too. However, be aware there’s fierce competition for the few slots available each year.


3. Thorns, Timbers, or Trail Blazers Game

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Ryan Harvey on Flickr

If you and your partner love our local sports teams, you might want to consider a proposal at a Thorns (National Women’s Soccer League), Timbers (Major League Soccer) or Trail Blazers (National Basketball Association) game.

You can opt for a quieter proposal or go all out and get a message displayed on the stadium’s scoreboard. If you want to go big, contact the teams directly:

  • Timbers and Thorns
  • Trail Blazers


4. Multnomah Falls

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Justin Lincoln on Flickr

It’s tough to think of a more recognizable landmark in the Portland area than Multnomah Falls. Towering over 620’, it’s an incredible sight to behold! Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most popular (and crowded) tourist attractions in the area. If you’re planning to propose at Multnomah Falls, here are two good options to avoid the masses:

  • Visit early in the day on a weekday. You won’t have the place to yourself, but it’ll be less crowded!
  • Hike to the top of the falls. Most Multnomah Falls visitors take in the view from the base of the falls and don’t go all the way to the top. To get away from the crowds, hike 2.2 miles to the top of the falls, or complete a strenuous 5.4-mile loop up 1600 feet to the top of Wahkeena Falls. The further you go, the lighter the crowds will be!


5. The Oregon Coast

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Kirt Edblom on Flickr

Sure, the beaches at the Oregon coast aren’t (usually) sandy and sunny, but they are powerful and beautiful in their own way – and that’s why we love them! If you’re looking for an unforgettable place to propose near Portland, consider making the drive out to the Oregon Coast.

Here are some particularly beautiful and romantic spots:

  • Haystack Rock - Immortalized in The Goonies, it’s one of the most iconic locations on the coast and one of the best spots for a proposal.
  • Ecola State Park Tide Pools - Tidal pools are a great way to see the wildlife of the Oregon Coast up close. They’re also a quiet, relaxing, and intimate place to propose.
  • Seaside Boardwalk - A bit touristy, but it’s still tons of fun!
  • Cape Meares - The viewpoint at Cape Meares offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and is another great place to propose near Portland.


6. Pittock Mansion

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Mike Krzeszak on Flickr

Located in Forest Park, the grounds of Pittock Mansion offer amazing views of Downtown Portland, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens. It’s the perfect place for a sunrise proposal after a hike up from one of the trailheads on NW Cornell Road or West Burnside. Depending on the season, your proposal might take place surrounded by blooming rhododendrons!


7. Cathedral Park

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Ian Sane on Flickr

Many people who don’t live in the area don’t realize there’s an incredible park right underneath the St. John’s Bridge! Cathedral Park is named after the appearance of the huge concrete legs supporting the bridge above. We especially love the idea of proposing in Cathedral Park during the fall as the green leaves of the trees turn red, gold, and orange.


8. Dog Mountain

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Jeff Hollett on Flickr

The climb up Dog Mountain is a bit of a strenuous hike, but it’s worth it! During the spring and summer, the area explodes with colors as thousands of wildflowers bloom. Like other easily accessible hikes in the Columbia River Gorge, it’s often crowded. So get an early start if you want a private proposal.


9. Portland City Grill

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Anne Jacko on Flickr

Portland City Grill is on the 30th floor of U.S. Bancorp Tower (better known as Big Pink). The food is great, but the views are even better! Imagine proposing at night, high above Downtown Portland with a full moon illuminating Mt. Hood. Could anything be more romantic?

If your tastes run a bit more modern, check out Departure, an incredible restaurant on top of the old Meyer and Frank building on SW 5th Avenue and Alder. 


10. Ladd’s Addition Rose Gardens

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Brx0 on Flickr

Portland is the City of Roses and the Ladd’s Addition rose gardens are a great place for a quiet, private proposal. Tended to by neighborhood residents, the rose gardens are home to hundreds of different varieties of roses in a rainbow of colors. It’s a romantic spot where you can really stop and smell the flowers!


11. Trillium Lake Near Mt. Hood

11 Romantic Places to Propose Near Portland

Photo Credit: Mark Gunn on Flickr

Ever wondered where those great postcard pictures of Mt. Hood are taken? Look no further than Trillium Lake! It’s one of the most beautiful places in all of the Pacific Northwest and a beautiful place to propose, especially during the summer. In the winter, the main road is closed, but you can still snowshoe or ski into the lake for an adventurous and unforgettable (and snowy!) proposal.


Before You Find the Perfect Place to Propose…

Find the perfect ring at Malka Diamonds in Downtown Portland. We’d love to help you pick out a ring to complement your perfect proposal. And then we’d love to hear the story of your proposal – especially if you took our advice from this post!

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