3-Stone Diamond Ring In Honor Of 3 Wonderful Kids

3-Stone Diamond Ring In Honor Of 3 Wonderful Kids

Vicky K
3-stone diamond ring

Our good friend and loyal customer, Michelle, walked into Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland excited to see the new heirloom she had created in honor of her family. Years ago, Michelle was gifted a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. Her aunt had gifted them to her after she had passed away. Michelle kept the earrings tucked away for many years. She just wasn't one to wear diamond princess-cut earrings in her ears. So the pair stayed at home till she decided to do something about it.

In June, Michelle asked Malka Diamonds to create a custom 3-stone princess-cut diamond ring for her. This piece would house the two stones her aunt had gifted her as well as a matching third diamond to honor her 3 wonderful children.

David worked hard to find the perfect diamond to match the pair of stones Michelle came in with. Once the stones were found, we started creating the ring. First, a few CAD (computer aided design) images were crafted and then a wax mold was grown through a 3D printer. Michelle came in several times to look at stones, images and wax molds until the Malka team along with Michelle felt confident the project was ready to be casted. The custom process is always an interesting one to take part in. The stunning and timeless style 3-stone princess-cut diamond ring went into the kiln and was casted into white gold. Our jewelers completed the new heirloom ring by polishing and setting the stones. The result, a stunning 3-stone diamond ring that Michelle will keep in the family for generations to come.  

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