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A 10 Year Anniversary Celebrated With A Rare Yellow Canary Ring!

Ronnie Malka

A fabulous couple, who David and I have known and loved for over a decade, came to us to create a custom 10 year anniversary ring. They wanted something timeless that would be a future family heirloom. First we needed to decide on the stone. After looking at several options, they choose to go with a stunning 2.55 yellow fancy canary diamond. They learned quickly that among all diamonds found in the earth less than 20% are worthy for jewelry use. Only 5% among those worthy stones are fancy colored stones. Fancy colored diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. They are very rare and finding an ideal one that is cut well and shows its color is very challenging. So when we found this cushion cut fancy yellow diamond we knew it was a perfect match. Once they decided on the stone we worked together on some sketches. The goal was to custom make a ring that would have interest on all sides as well as showcase the fancy yellow diamond. The wax was approved and we then casted the ring in 18 karat white gold. The final stage was setting. Over 130 stones were set into this MALKA Diamond masterpiece. We are so thrilled with the outcome and excited to see it on her finger!

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