A Perfect Way To Remember Oregon - A Custom-Made Green Cushion-Cut Zircon Ring!

A Perfect Way To Remember Oregon - A Custom-Made Green Cushion-Cut Zircon Ring!

Ronnie Malka

Have you ever heard of Crossfit? It's an incredible workout that leaves many of us on the floor panting. However, what drives people to the Crossfit SW Beaverton "box" is not only the amazing workout, but the fabulous people! Marie is one of those people and over many grueling workouts we had the opportunity to become friends. She recently came to crossfitus with the news that her family was moving to Colorado. Needless to say, we were very disappointed, but at the same time happy that her family is heading to Colorado to seek new adventures. Before she left, Marie was determined to create something that would remind her of her special years in Portland, Oregon. Jewelry seems to be on the top list of things that can instantly evoke a memory of a place and moment in life. Whether it's a proposal, the birth of a child, an anniversary, a birthday or other important moments, jewelry brings us back to that exact place when we received the piece. Marie is quite fortunate to have a collection of stunning gemstones that she inherited from her grandmother. She chose a unique cushion-cut green zericon from her antique heirlooms and asked us, Malka Diamonds, to custom design a ring that she could wear as a remembrance of her years in our "green" state.Green Zircon Halo Diamond Ring Take a look at this stunning custom-made halo diamond ring. The vintage green cushion-cut zericon clearly found it's home among the surrounding diamonds. We wish Marie and her entire family years of many new wonderful memories in Colorado.


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