A Rafting Proposal On It's Way!

A Rafting Proposal On It's Way!

Vicky K

What if you were rafting with your significant other and they opened a floating box to propose to you? On a hot day like today, that sounds pretty spectacular. That is exactly what is happening on the Middle Fork Salmon River in Idaho as we write this blog. Our customers came into Malka Diamonds a few weeks back. They brought in three diamonds. These round brilliant diamonds came from their family. The couple wanted to work together to find the perfect ring. They wanted something special and timeless. This ring happens to be very similar to the three-stone David Malka proposed with 13 years ago. It's classic and timeless. IMG_0591

The process took a few weeks and once it was complete, we gave them a call. Our soon-to-be-groom showed up Thursday to pick up the ring. He came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry with a Pelican case. This is a special case he uses when he takes tours out on a guided rafting trip. The purpose of the box is to bring valuables and make sure they will float if need be. Take a look at this stunning three-stone diamond engagement ring being placed in the pelican box. This is a first for Malka Diamonds!IMG_0592


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