A MALKA Custom-Made Ring To Celebrate & Remember

A MALKA Custom-Made Ring To Celebrate & Remember

Vicky K

This local blog speaks about a young bride who is diagnosed with cancer weeks before her wedding date. The ending is a good one! We recently remounted Kvetchmom's 10 year old engagement ring into this beautiful custom-made halo diamond ring. We added her mom's diamonds from pieces she left her daughter. The ring is a celebration of a healthy 10 year marriage as well as a wonderful memory of her mother.http://kvetchmom.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/adventures-with-cancer-part-4/ Kvetch Mom

To kvetch is to live

A MALKA Custom-Made Ring To Celebrate & Remember
The Upper East Side office is on the ground floor of a brownstone. The brass handle is heavy in my hand as I push the door open and step into a room occupied by several women reading magazines.

A large glass bowl filled with Kingfisher daisies sits on a low glass table in the middle of the waiting area.

My soon to be husband is waiting for me, pats the seat next to him. A single slant of sun bisects the floor. He holds my hand and I cross my legs and swing one foot in and out of the light.


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