Why You Should Always Try on Engagement Rings Before Buying

Why You Should Always Try on Engagement Rings Before Buying

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Picking out an engagement ring is an important step in your relationship. Of course, you want it to be stunning, but it’s more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry – it’s also an outward expression of your lifelong love and commitment to one another. Whatever ring you choose, you want it to be truly special.

If you’re new to engagement ring shopping, however, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and we don’t blame you. Browsing online can be a convenient way to get a sense of what you like (and don’t like). However, many people find that the endless options, unreliable quality, and impersonal nature of online shopping can make it nearly impossible to find “the one” without first seeing it in person. Here at Malka Diamonds, we completely agree.

Learn a few key reasons why you should always try on engagement rings before you decide to make a purchase.


Sizing can be tricky

Sure, you can measure your finger at home using string or dental floss, or try one of those ring sizing apps, but those methods are unfortunately not very reliable. Even if you think you have a pretty good idea of what size ring you’ll need, it’s important to keep in mind that exact sizing can vary from jeweler to jeweler, and the thickness of the band can play a role as well. In some cases, rings can be resized, but not all styles and materials lend themselves to this option.


Specifications & grading can only tell you so much

Why You Should Always Try on Engagement Rings Before Buying

It’s not uncommon for people to enter a jewelry store thinking they want one thing only to walk out with something entirely different. That’s because looking at images online and reading about a diamond’s cut, color, carat, and clarity can only tell you so much. Seeing it in person, actually placing it on your finger, and watching how it interacts with the light at different angles allows you to truly experience the diamond.


Everyone’s hands are different

Different styles and shapes of engagement rings flatter different finger types. Just because your friend’s thick band and princess cut diamond look great doesn’t mean that same ring will suit your hand. Perhaps a thin band and elongated oval diamond would look better on your fingers. 

Of course, your tastes and preferences are important, but you also want to choose a ring that suits your fingers and flatters your entire hand. By trying on a variety of rings with different styles, shapes, and cuts, you’ll be able to narrow down which styles you like and which ones look best on you.


The downsides of online retailers

Shopping for engagement rings online may seem convenient, and there’s no question that it can be a great way to browse your options and determine what styles and cuts you like. However, it simply can’t replace the experience of shopping in person

Even online retailers that have brick-and-mortar locations often have limited inventory in stock, so you typically have to purchase a ring before you can try it on or see it in person. You might like how a ring looks on a computer screen, but feel disappointed when you see it in person. Unfortunately, these rings are often difficult if not impossible to return, leaving you with a ring you aren’t 100% happy with.

Boutique jewelers, on the other hand, rely on walk-ins and in-person appointments, so they typically have much larger inventories and expert gemologists on staff ready to help you find the perfect ring! You can see it in person, try it on, and know you’re making the exact right decision before you make the purchase.

Lastly, most online retailers give just a 3-month warranty on their rings (if that). This is a wildly short time period for such a large purchase and an item that is meant to last a lifetime. Here at 


Try on exquisite engagement rings and get expert advice from Portland’s finest independent jeweler

Why You Should Always Try on Engagement Rings Before Buying

Located in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District, Malka Diamonds specializes in helping couples find the perfect ring to celebrate their love and engagement. We know that this is the investment of a lifetime and our dedicated staff of expert jewelers and GIA-certified gemologists are here to help you find the ring of your dreams.

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