An Adorable New York Couple Finds Their Vintage Treasure

An Adorable New York Couple Finds Their Vintage Treasure

Vicky K

IMG_0194Welcome to Portland Oregon Christina & Eric! We met this New York couple a few days ago when they came in hunting for an Art Deco engagement ring. Their visit to Portland was incredibly purposeful. The two plan to move to Portland soon. During their trip to the Rose City, they were able to close on a home and find a vintage diamond engagement ring. When they first came in to Malka Diamonds they spent some time looking at the collection of Art Deco rings with David Malka and our new jeweler, Tessa. Christina and Eric came in the very next day knowing exactly which one of the 1920s engagement rings they wanted. The ring they chose is a highly coveted style from the Art Deco era.DSCN0705 copy

At Malka Diamonds, we visit with our vintage and antique vendors frequently to find this exact style ring. These two were all smiles when they looked through our vintage jewelry case and found this stunning treasure. The ring will spend a few extra days in our shop being re-shanked. The current band has thinned over the years and although, it could be worn for at least 10 years, we just can't let it leave our hands without it being in perfect condition.

We fell in love with this couple's story. Who wouldn't? Their story is out of a 1950s movie. She is a flight attendant and he is a pilot. They both work for American Airlines. The two met two years ago on a flight to Buenos Aires. They fell in love and now are making Portland, home.

Congratulations to the two of you! We are honored you chose Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.

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