7 Reasons to Love Bar Pendant Jewelry

7 Reasons to Love Bar Pendant Jewelry

Vicky K

Bar pendant jewelry is a white-hot fashion trend that’s catching on for many reasons, namely the versatility of the design and how it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the situation. Their minimalist nature complements nearly any outfit.

Some might even say its a blank canvas that you can fill in with the rest of your outfit! 

As you can see, we really love this style of jewelry. Take a look at some of our top reasons why bar pendant jewelry is at the top of our love list.

7 Reasons to Love Bar Pendant Jewelry

Why love bar pendant jewelry?


By their very nature, pieces of bar pendant jewelry are highly customizable. The space on the bar allows for room to engrave a message, name, or place a symbol. This can give even the simplest bar pendant jewelry a piece of distinction that’s truly unmatched in other types of jewelry.

This customization makes them a favorite for milestones and anniversaries. Whether it’s a birthday, 50th wedding anniversary, or graduation, you can make a bar pendant necklace custom to what you’re celebrating.  


This level of customization and the ensuing uniqueness of each piece allows for a blossoming of sentimentality that’s just not possible with many other types of jewelry. In today’s day and age of fast fashion and cookie-cutter style, customized bar pendant jewelry can really stand out.

When you wear your bar pendant jewelry, you won’t just be thinking about how great the piece looks, you’ll be thinking about the memories you have of the anniversary you received it for or the birthday it commemorates.

7 Reasons to Love Bar Pendant Jewelry


Is there anything more appealing than a simple piece of fine craftsmanship? In many ways, this is the defining aspect of bar pendant jewelry. Bar necklaces and bracelets are so simple in design that they highlight the finer aspects, such as the brilliance of the material and the craftsmanship of the pendant.

Fashion has been moving in a more minimalist, understated direction in recent years. We couldn’t be happier about this and the bar pendant necklace is the perfect compliment to this understated style. 


This simplicity also lends itself to being a bit of a chameleon of a jewelry style. Given the simplicity of the rectangular pendant and the overall design, bar pendant necklaces can really go with anything!

Need something to wear to a once-a-year gala? These go great with an eloquent dress. Just need something for a low-key date night with your partner? Bar necklaces will still go great with a pair of jeans and a simple blouse. There truly may not be a more versatile piece of jewelry out there!

7 Reasons to Love Bar Pendant Jewelry


As one of Portland’s leading jewelers, there’s nothing we love more than the metals and jewels that comprise the many pieces of jewelry we sell. Bar pendant jewelry is special not only because they show off the metal so well, but because there is such a great diversity of ways to show off the simple style.

Think of all the ways:

  • Classic styling: This is a bar with nothing on it but the raw material. Gold, silver, platinum. You name it, there is a classic bar pendant to fit your style.

  • Engraved necklace: You can engrave all types of bar necklaces with a special message, symbol, or name.

  • Stacked pendants: This is when multiple pendants are stacked on top of one another as part of a piece. This can be done with uniform bars, or with patterns of different materials or colors.

  • Jeweled pendants: If you want to get a little more flashy, bar necklaces with diamonds or other jewels are another way to really turn your bar jewelry into a centerpiece. While some think this is against the simplistic design of what a bar pendant should be, we couldn’t disagree more! Diamonds are beautiful and their elegance will complement the simple design of your bar pendant necklace. 


While traditionally bar necklaces focused on a horizontal bar, one trend we love are jewelers turning the pendant vertical! While still conforming to the basic style of the bar pendant, this is a fun way to be a little different while retaining the classic styling of bar necklaces. 


Another beautiful aspect of bar jewelry is its ability to be layered. The simplicity of design provides a nice elegant backdrop for other jewelry. This adds complexity to other pieces in your jewelry box and your style in general. 

The GIA certified gemologist at Malka Diamonds are Portland’s bar pendant experts

Although we’re known for our diamond prowess, Malka Diamonds is a whole lot more than just a place to buy diamonds in Portland.

We take great pride in our ability to scour the scene for the best looks and fashion trends in the industry. Whether it’s the newest styles in engagement rings or what the most fashionable people in Portland are wearing, we have our finger on the pulse of jewelry trends in Portland.

Come down to our store in downtown Portland to see what we’ve got for you. You can also give us a call at (503) 850-0133 to ask questions or hear what we have at our shop. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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