A Chicago Couple, Gets Engaged In Seattle, Washington!

A Chicago Couple, Gets Engaged In Seattle, Washington!

Vicky K

Meet Andy!original Andy and David worked together over 30 emails and several phone calls to custom craft this unbelievable yellow oval-diamond halo-engagement ring. Residing in Chicago, Andy had to work via technology to give David his thoughts on the piece. David would send an image in CAD (computer generated images) over email and Andy would tweak it by drawing on top of the image. Once the wax was formed, Andy came to Portland to pick up the green wax formed ring.V6b


Stephanie joined him in Washington and he proposed with the wax ring in a Malka Diamond box at St. James Cathedral in Seattle. She said yes to Andy's proposal and to the wax mold.

When they returned to Chicago, they sent the wax to us in Portland Oregon. Four weeks later, the ring was completed. We sent the stunning piece overnight to Andy and Stephanie. The two loved the ring and are now focusing on future wedding plans. In the meantime, it looks like even the dog is getting a chance to check out the stunning engagement ring! Congratulations to you both!

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