Congratulations To Heather + Chantell!

Congratulations To Heather + Chantell!

Vicky K
Heather and Chantell recently got married and we could not be more happy for them. This past weekend, Heather sent over their story and we are thrilled to share it on our Stories page. Congratulations you two!
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Heather and Chantell

“Marriage was something Chantell and I spoke about often. We both knew that our relationship was different, more special than any other that we'd ever been in. We weren't sure how it would all work out or who would take the lead on proposing first but somehow rings slowly crept their way into casual conversations between us. 

We'd look at pictures or discuss ring shapes and sizes that we thought were beautiful. Secretly, Chantell took this conversation a step further and began to search for rings without my knowing. Her first and only stop ended up being Malka Diamonds. She loved the comfort of the shop and the courtesy she received from all of the staff members she worked with. After several visits she had confirmed the ring she wanted and had it created. She chose my 1 carat round cut diamond set in a pave band, it could not be more perfect. A funny tidbit, after receiving the ring and having it hidden in our home, Chantell would occasionally wear it out and about in the community when I was at work simply because she loved it so much. I couldn't believe when she told me she did that!

Our proposal could not fit us and our relationship any better

We were in Hawaii visiting her family and friends. It was a big trip for us as this was the first time I was meeting a lot of the most important people in her life. I was extremely nervous, but excited at the same time. Chantell had secretly snuck the ring into her flight bag and had it on her at all times, waiting for the perfect moment to ask. She didn't plan out how she would do it or when, she just knew it had to be a part of this trip. The morning of April 11th we had a plan to hike to the top of Koko Head in time to see the sunrise together. 

However, as it often goes, things did not go according to plan. We woke up late and were scrambling to try and make it to the top in time. Chantell was lagging behind on the hike and would not let me carry the bag at all despite my many attempts. Little did I know that Chantell had packed the ring in the bag and had every intention of asking me at the top. Our bickering, needless to say, ruined the moment. Inside Chantell was devastated and unsure of when another moment like this would occur during the trip. Fast forward a bit to later that day, her mom and dad were so gracious and got us a room for a few nights at the Ko'Olina Resort to enjoy time in the middle of our trip alone. We had finished settling into the room and decided the evening should be spent soaking in the hot tubs and swimming in the pools to relax. It was the best evening.

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The Proposal

We were at ease and enjoying the scenery as well as each others company. After what felt like hours of playing in the pool like we were kids again we decided to watch the sunset by one of the fire pits overlooking the beach. The location was so romantic and the sunset was beautiful, despite there being a lot of people around it felt like just the two of us. At just the right moment, Chantell pulled out the ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with her. I said, YES! I fell in love with the ring immediately and still find myself glancing at it several times a day. We can't thank Malka Diamonds enough for all of their help in making this possible for us, you guys truly are the best!”

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