The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

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The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Should you buy a diamond engagement ring online? No, thank you!

As Portland’s trusted and experienced diamond jeweler, we strongly believe that buying a diamond ring online without seeing it in person is dangerous. We’ve simply talked with too many couples trying to recover from a poor online diamond-buying experience to say otherwise.

Today, we’re outlining the biggest risks you take when purchasing a diamond ring online. Before you add any diamonds to your cart, consider these 5 points and make the best decision for you and your partner. 

Why buy your engagement ring at a local store?

Diamonds look different in person than they do online

The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

When it comes to diamonds, seeing is believing. Until you see the ring in person, hold it in your hands, and watch the way it sparkles, you won’t know for sure it’s the right stone for you.

Online, diamond images are carefully staged and edited to give the best first impression. This often leads to the diamond looking larger and brighter than it actually is. So when the stone arrives, you might be disappointed.

Plus, there’s simply no way of knowing if you’ll have a connection with the diamond ring. We know it sounds weird but it’s something you’ll feel, we promise. You may not see fireworks, but when you’re holding the perfect diamond it will feel right.

You can’t accurately compare diamonds online

The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Most diamonds look nice when viewed by themselves. Compared to another though, you may realize you’ve made a mistake.

As part of our process for helping couples find the perfect stone, we present a variety of diamonds to compare and contrast. Since every diamond is unique, it must judged against other diamonds to form the best opinion.

We’ll educate you on the 4Cs by letting you feel the ring and see the difference between a .50 carat and a 2.0 carat ring, helping you examine the differences in cut, color, and clarity under a microscope and showing you how light travels through the diamond.

Do you know what makes a good diamond?
Learn about the 4Cs

It’s difficult to verify the legitimacy of a diamond purchased online

Once you receive the diamond, you’ll have to spend time finding out if what you bought online is legitimate. You’ll need to go to a trusted gemologist at a local jewelry store to look at your ring and determine its actual carat, color, cut, and clarity. Hopefully it matches what you thought you purchased!

Additionally, an online shop might claim a diamond comes with a grading certification, but that doesn’t mean the certificate is accurate or corresponds with your diamond. Many grading labs offer higher grades than you’d normally find at a well-established and trustworthy lab.

The Gemological Institute of America is widely considered the standard bearer of the diamond certification industry, so be cautious of certifications from other labs.

It might be too good to be true…

The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Beyond simply not loving the way the diamond ring looks or having a slightly different grade than you expected, there’s also the chance you’ll end up with a fake.

Many couples initially choose to purchase a diamond online because they find a good deal. We understand that every couple’s budget is different, and If we found a large, beautiful diamond online for a fraction of the price, we’d be tempted too!

Even if you find a reputable online source for diamonds, they may mislead you. For example, many retailers will put important fine-print copy in hard-to-find spots. You’ll need to be very careful to read every part of the site, including the fine print to make sure you don’t miss out on vital information.

 This can often include details like…

  • The photo of the diamond has been edited to enhance clarity
  • The diamond is shipped from out of the country and will take months to arrive
  • Inability to return or exchange the ring

You may never receive the diamond ring

The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

If you do accidentally get in a situation where you purchase a diamond ring from a scam site, you may also never receive it in the mail at all. Or common issues we’ve heard of is the couple sending the diamond ring back, and the company claiming they never received it.

Even if you’re dealing with a reputable online jewelry, shipping mistakes and issues happen. Maybe it gets lost, stolen during transit, or swiped from your mailbox. 

If you’re buying a diamond online, you’ll need to be fully insured in case you experience any shipping issues. You don’t want to end up paying for something you never received.

You’ll lose out on maintenance or repair service

When you purchase an engagement ring from a local jeweler, you’ll typically receive many additional benefits, including regular maintenance and repair services.

Whether it’s resizing your ring or having it cleaned, polished, or tightened, a local retailer commonly offers these types services for free or at a reduced cost.
This is not usually offered from online sources. If it is, you’ll likely have to deal with the headache of carefully shipping your ring and being without it for a few weeks.

Additionally, many local brick and mortar stores, our Portland jewelry store included, are family-run businesses and make a big impact in the community. If you want to support your local area, shopping local is always the best choice!

Shop local: find the perfect diamond ring at Malka Diamonds

The Dangers of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

In the end, no matter where you find or purchase your diamond engagement ring, what’s most important is that you’re happy and feel like you made the right decision. 

At Malka Diamonds, we are a full-service jewelry boutique and take pride in providing excellent service and expertly crafted jewelry. Our goal is to earn your trust and make lifelong, loyal customers by helping you find or design the diamond ring of your dreams.

If you have questions about buying diamond engagement rings, want to evaluate your diamond, or are ready to start looking at options, we’re here to help. Stop by our store in downtown Portland anytime or give us a call at (503) 850-0133.

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