Geometric Shape Diamonds: A Favorite Ring Trend in Portland

Geometric Shape Diamonds: A Favorite Ring Trend in Portland


This ring style is angling for your attention.

Popular for the last few years as wedding decor, geometric details have also made their way into diamond engagement rings here in Portland. It’s a unique style you’ll want to make your own. At Malka Diamonds, we’re particularly smitten with geometric rose cut diamonds and natural salt and pepper geometric diamond rings.

These designs feature hexagonal diamonds, kite-cut stones, or bold angular settings for a stunning yet alternative look. Even with they’re popularity, we have a feeling if you venture down the route of a geometric diamond engagement ring, you won’t find another bride-to-be with the same ring. As Portland’s full-service boutique for unforgettable and high-quality engagement rings and more, we carry a carefully and thoughtfully curated selection of geometric diamond rings. We would love to show you our collection in person. In the meantime, take a peak at just a few of the trendy geometric diamond rings we can’t stop talking about and get inspired! Malka geometric rose cut diamonds

Geometric shape rose-cut diamonds

A rose-cut diamond gets its name from, you guessed it, a rose. This diamond shape is flat at the bottom and has a larger surface area to show off the stone’s brilliance. There’s just something really special about a geometric shape rose-cut diamond. A great mix of classic and trendy and the perfect choice for a Rose City bride (or anyone who wants to spice up their daily ring style).

Malka geometric rose cut diamonds

Salt and pepper geometric diamonds

We’ve talked about our favorite speckled diamonds on our blog before, but we just can’t stop. We love salt and pepper diamonds and are especially fond of them in hexagonal and other strong shapes. Salt and pepper diamonds have a wild yet simple personality, making them popular for those who want a ring that stands out from the crown. Combine it with a geometric shape, and it’s perfection — a great choice for the modern-day Portlander.

Malka salt and pepper geometric diamonds

Kite-cut diamonds

Though this style only recently became more popular, the kite shape is actually one of the oldest and most traditional “unique” diamond shapes. It’s also sometimes referred to as the “diamond shape,” simple because it resembles the side view of a diamond. The geometric take on the kite cut is a bit more angular than the traditional kite cut, and there’s something strong yet elegant about it’s long shape. We especially love this style for someone with larger hands and long fingers.

Malka kite-cut diamonds

Find your favorite diamond styles at Malka Diamonds.

At our store, we’re inspired by beauty — just like you. We stay on top of the best diamond ring trends to provide our clients with the highest quality and most amazing selection of rings. Our speciality is finding you the right diamond ring to stand the test of time while helping you stand out and highlight your unique personality. We invite you to visit our store in downtown Portland and browse our collection of geometric diamond rings and more for yourself!

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