Local Artist, Ahuva Zaslavsky, Shows Portland From Above

Local Artist, Ahuva Zaslavsky, Shows Portland From Above

Ronnie Malka

ahuvaAhuva Zaslavsky, a Portland artist and loyal friend of Malka Diamonds will be showing her work at Prima Salon in the Pearl District. Beginning Monday November 18th, Ahuva's work will be on display until January 2014.

As someone who grew up experiencing different area of climate, culture and architecture, Ahuva is fascinated everyday by the urban landscape and the Portland weather. Her art reflects her affinity to both the grey and autumn colors in the urban landscape. She has a strong interest in the different perspectives of the city from above. "I want to show the known from a different angle" says Ahuva. In addition, she emphasizes the trivial, industrial day-to-day of Portland as an artistic object.

Ahuva uses two main mediums - drawing in ink and colored markers on paper and encaustic - beeswax painting. There is an inherent conflict between the two mediums: the first is accurate, hard and sharp , and the second is more flexible and abstract. These are two sides of the artist reflected through her work. In the last few years, Malka Diamonds has commissioned Ahuva to draw rings from our vintage and antique collection. All of the Art Deco engagement rings that Ahuva drew have sold and we have included the portrait as a keepsake. We most recently commissioned Ahuva to create a drawing of our downtown Portland jewelry shop. She scaled the building and store front to showcase both the details in our shop as well as the beauty of the historical Hamilton building. Thank you for creating amazing pieces for us and our customers. We know your upcoming showing will be a huge success.

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