Loren and Gil are engaged!

Loren and Gil are engaged!

Ronnie Malka

Our cousin, Loren and fiance, Gil are engaged and we could not be happier for them. They are an adorable couple! Loren shared their story below. Congratulations you two!

"We met online as many couples do nowadays. We both grew up in the same area of Los Angeles which is so rare!  Most people you meet here are from someplace else!  I’m a “planner” type personality, so it’s hard to get anything by me, but Gil did! David and Ronnie Malka are my cousins, so I knew we had to get our ring from them - you know, keep it in the family. Gil and Ronnie worked it out, and the ring was shipped to Gil’s parents' house. I had no idea. He knew he wanted the proposal to be spontaneous and he carried it around with him for two weeks, waiting for the right moment.

We went to Palm Springs for a weekend getaway, kind of a work trip for me, so we didn’t find much time to be alone.  Gil was very disappointed.  On the way home, we made a spontaneous (the plan was to head to the outlets and then go home) stop to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.  He knew I had always wanted to go and as we were about to drive by, Gil said, let’s check it out!  We had lunch at the top and walked around, the views were fabulous.  We then walked partially down the mountain for a nature walk/hike.  There were lots of people around. Before we started the hike we decided to take some selfies.  Gil then suggested that we take a photo in front of this “rock” as he noticed we finally had a moment alone. I fumbled with the camera trying to get the perfect selfie as Gil slyly took the ring (rock) out of his pocket and put it in the picture frame.  It was great, so genius and sweet!  And yes, I was surprised!"

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