Mark & Janet Are Engaged! A Modern Ring For A Fabulous Lady!

Mark & Janet Are Engaged! A Modern Ring For A Fabulous Lady!

Ronnie Malka

Engaged!We are thrilled to blog about these two sweethearts! Meet Mark & Janet. Janet, a close friend to the Malka family, has amazed us with her ability to do it all! Janet is a mother of two wonderful children and manages a fast-growing business all on her own. When Janet met Mark it was love at first sight. Mark is a true gem. He not only loves his bride-to-be but is enamored by the two kids who he has come to love as his own. Janet came to Malka Diamonds with some pictures of rings she loved. She was drawn to a thick yellow gold band with diamonds through out. Without her consent we went ahead and custom-made this yellow gold band with a spinning channel-set of diamonds around it.


We contacted Mark when the piece was complete. Mark came in and picked up the ring the day before their family road trip to California. On their way back from a memorable trip they stopped and admired an old tree. While the kids were climbing the tree, Mark proposed. Janet said yes, and so did the kids! We are so thrilled for these two and know the future looks wonderful for the whole family.


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