Congratulations to Melissa & Oren!

Congratulations to Melissa & Oren!

Ronnie Malka

At Malka Diamonds we are pleased that our customers so often become our lifelong friends and equally love that our friends quite often become our customers!

Meet Melissa and Oren.

We are truly honored to be an important part of their recent Rose Garden engagement! Thank you for choosing Malka Diamonds for this special moment and for sharing your story below with all of us!

“Never did Oren or I believe that this could happen let alone with one swipe right. Both of us were waiting for Mr. & Mrs. Right.  When Oren came to Portland from Israel for a training for work his friend said to go on JSwipe, an online dating site, just to see what was out there. Oren thought maybe even to get a tour guide while he was in Portland.  Meanwhile, I was just waiting for the right swipe. On May 15th it happen. We talked for hours, and for days and on May 18th, 2018 we decided to meet and see the Rose Garden. At the last minute, Oren asked to bring his co-worker that just arrived to the states.  I, of course, didn’t say no, afterall I was maybe just a tour guide. Also, sometimes you need a good chaperone. 

For the next two weeks there was a connection like never before.  Finally Oren, said “Melissa you will have to let your walls down to fall in love.”  It was then that I fell in love with Oren and knew he was the one. Having to say goodbye was so hard for both of us.  For the next year there wasn’t a day that went by that video calls and text didn’t happen all day.

When Oren came to visit on May 30, 2019 he said “Let’s go to Malka Diamonds”.  He knew that I had been friends with Ronnie and David for years and that I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.  When we arrived I was so nervous. Although, within minutes Ronnie, Dave and everyone made us feel so comfortable.  It was such a professional, warm and welcoming experience. We picked the ring. Ronnie told us it would be a week or so. “Wait he is only here for two and a half weeks, and still has to ask a question.” I said. “We will do our best to be fast.” said Ronnie.

Next thing I saw was Oren talking with my sister and sister-n-law and the plans for the big proposal were being made.  I own Yo Zone in Tanasbourne and one day Oren said “I’m going to go shopping can I have the keys to the car?” Something was off he didn’t kiss Melissa goodbye or hug their friend that was visiting he was quickly out of there.  Melissa thought that he was going to set something up and that was going to be the night he would ask. It wasn’t, but it was the night that her sister had arranged with Ronnie for the ring to be ready early, so he drove downtown to get it.

On June 7, 2019 Oren recreated our first day, but backwards.  Luckily, Melissa is a social media freak and was posting where they were all day.  When we arrived at the Rose Garden her sister had called to see what the plans for dinner were. Asking as well “Where are you?”. 

As we walked to the ampitheatre Melissa got a glimpse of silver balloons and some in Hebrew.  She was in shock and even more shocked that when Oren proposed he had the ring that was not suppose to be ready until the following week.  They looked over at the balloons and Melissa’s sister and sister-n-law came out behind the trees. They had captured the moment. My family was called and somehow in an hour the small dinner of four at their house was with everyone (thirteen, missing one nephew and her best friend)  at a restaurant.

The wedding date has not been set but our experience with Malka Diamonds was unbelievable. To the texts from the moment we said we were going there to the secret planning with family members, we wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.”

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