NY Couple Recreates Their Original Ring To Last Forever

NY Couple Recreates Their Original Ring To Last Forever

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Blakely and Viviana were young and in love in New York many years ago. While in NY, they realized they were meant to be together and decided to make it official. "Viviana and I were married on the 8th of May 2004 in central park (Cherry Hill to be exact). I had the original ring made at a place on Fulton street in downtown Brooklyn. Since we had been married in Brooklyn, and Portland has been the longest places we've lived. It is so special to have both of those places in one ring" explained Blakely, when he came into to take a look at his custom ring. Blakely first came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry with his original ring that had thinned out and was worn. He wanted us to use the original gold as well as gold from other sentimental pieces to recreate the ring. The goal was to mimic the ring but make it thicker and more durable. We first carved a wax (shown in blue).

custom ring createdThe wax was made by hand and looked identical to the original ring. Blakely came in and tried on the wax. He gave us the go ahead and we immediately casted it in his personal 14 karat yellow gold. The ring came out better than expected. Blakely is not only a happy customer but a local artist as well. His work is on exhibit at Chambers Gallery.

14kt yellow name ring

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