Photo Shoot @ Malka Diamonds

Photo Shoot @ Malka Diamonds

Vicky K

Malka Diamonds just wrapped up a full photo shoot as it prepares for a new website launch!  It is amazing that such a large part of our success is in online presence.   It is truly amazing to think that the entire way we market has changed so drastically in just 20 years.  It was 1996 that it became obvious to most retail companies that a public web presence was imperative to the life of the organization. At Malka Diamonds, our website is the first introduction to our story.  Our new customers come in via our website and referrals from past customers.  At least weekly, a new customer will walk in and say, " wow, this looks just like the website".  This is why our website must be updated and upgraded to the latest and greatest.  We thought you might enjoy a sneak peek into the making of the new site.  We are hoping to showcase the custom jewelry making process as well as the restoration of vintage rings.  Stay tuned for the finished piece.


The photos taken for are not just images of the shop and the people who work at Malka Diamonds but of the behind the scenes.  There is so much that goes into custom creating and design that we were giddy to tell the story through photos.  Here is hoping the new site launches by the end of 2015!  Stay tuned..

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