Seattle Surprised Engagement Story!

Seattle Surprised Engagement Story!

Vicky K

Congratulations Brooke & Joe! We first met Joe & Brooke when they came in to our downtown shop looking for a special engagement ring. Brooke was part of the initial research but had no idea Joe was working on a surprised proposal shortly after they left. David and Joe worked together to create something Joe knew would be perfect for his soon-to-befiance. We are so pleased to be part of Brooke and Joe’s story. Below is their story that Joe shared with us along with photos from the surprise Seattle engagement!

Joe & Brooke 1.jpg

“We met through mutual friends. I was living in Portland at the time and one of my best friends from college had known Brooke since they were in elementary school. Brooke and some friends came over for a friend's birthday and when I met her I knew she was special. Us guys were dressed like fools for said birthday, so when Brooke first met me she was probably on the complete opposite side of the "she's definitely attracted to me" spectrum. Luckily we changed prior to leaving the house and somehow (miraculously) I was able to land a date with her. 

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Brooke is stunningly beautiful, athletic, funny and wildly intelligent. We dated for roughly a year before she was accepted into PA school. From there, we did the long-distance thing for two years while she was in school and knew that what we had was special so we did everything we could to make it work.

Long story short, she graduated from PA school two years ago and we moved to Issaquah, Washington. Brooke is now an Orthopedic PA and I work in Commercial Construction Sales. We live happily in Issaquah and ski and play as often as our schedules allow. 

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The engagement was a special day. She did not expect a thing and we took a day to ourselves to venture into Pike Place, eat some food from the market and grab some flowers for Easter Sunday the next day. The sun came out and the clouds cleared so we went down to the Waterfront Park where my friend was hiding with his camera (finally the forecast was actually accurate). She said yes!

We drove back to our home and she was sad that her parents wouldn't be in town to see the ring and celebrate. When we got home, my family and her family jumped out from behind the living room wall and just about gave her a heart attack. Not kidding, she actually threw the shoe-box she was carrying at them in an act of surprised defense.

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It was a beautiful day and with the help of friends and family, and of course a beautiful ring from Malka, it all came together perfectly. The ring I purchased through David was absolutely stunning and was sized perfectly for Brooke. I appreciate everything you were able to do in such a short time frame. Your product and customer service was second to none and I'm forever grateful for the help you provided me. Even though Brooke knew which ring she was getting, she didn't know that I had gone to pick it up, received permission from her family and scheduled a surprise proposal for a few weeks after. “ - Joe

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