Soccer In The Blood!

Soccer In The Blood!

Ronnie Malka

Pablo Moreira, one of the Timbers' soccer coaches, was just in at Malka Diamonds picking up a special family piece. Pablo first became a friend of Malka Diamonds & Jewerly when he was hunting for an engagement ring for his now wife of many years. Since then, Pablo pops in to Malka Diamonds to catch up and give us the latest on our beloved Timber team. We always enjoy his visits.

Most recently, Pablo came in to have his championship ring repurposed into a piece he could wear everyday. Pablo comes from a line of soccer players including his well-known soccer-star father, Jose "Chico" Moreira. Chico played for the small country of Uruguay. He was part of the Uruguay's most memorable win in the 80s, when their small country won the championship. Chico was honored with a gold medal, but knew he would not wear it. His wife, Pablo's mom, decided to take the gold medal and have a jeweler melt the gold to create a chain. She then purchased a special charm from Uruguay so he could always remember the historic event he was part of. Years later, Pablo and his sister added a "#1" charm for their number one dad. 

On Pablo's 30th birthday, his father, Chico, gifted him with the special gold chain necklace. Little did the family know that Pablo's Timber team would win the championship that year and and he himself would receive a gold championship ring.

Two years later, Pablo decided he would add one more charm to the necklace. He had the team at Malka Diamonds & Jewelry of Downtown Portland, create a new charm by removing the face of the championship ring. Pablo was overwhelmed when he saw the charm on his father's necklace.  He placed the necklace over his head so that he could wear it everyday.  It is a perfect piece to remind him of his family's history and love of soccer. Thank you Pablo for choosing Malka Diamonds to help you with this special piece. We are honored.

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