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The Malka Family Gives Insight on the Latest Russian Diamond Mine

Ronnie Malka

Yesterday, a gentleman by the name of David Nogueras came into Malka Diamonds asking for Yossi Malka (David's father). He was carrying a large microphone and wanted to speak to one of Portland's diamond experts for his radio show on marketplace.org. He clearly came to the right place. David Malka, owner of Malka Diamonds, started at a young age learning about diamonds from his father. Yossi has been a diamond wholesale dealer in downtown Portland for over 30 years and started his diamond career cutting stones in Israel. We chatted with the reporter for a few minutes and then walked him across the street were Yossi has been doing business for over three decades. When we got to the 6th floor and passed through the two bullet proof doors I introduced David Nogueras to my father-in-law. There, Yossi spoke about the latest diamond mine in Russia. Listen for yourself to hear what the diamond dealers around here think of the latest found diamonds.

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